My mum’s name is Anastasia. She is in the kitchen. There is a table and four chairs in our kitchen.

My dad’s name is Nikos. He is in the bedroom. There is a bed and two lamps in his bedroom.

My grandma’s name is Aggeliki. She is in the living room. There is a sofa, a TV, a lamp and a table in our living room.

There is a garden outside our house. There are flowers and a table with four chairs in our garden.

There is a shower in our bathroom.

A family picnic

I can see a river with a bridge. Also I can see a family. The children are playing football next to a robot. Their mum is sitting on a mat. On the mat There are two apples, a burger and three bottles of water. There is a box with toys near the mat. Dad is fishing near a tree. Also I can see a bench and many bushes.


I love my family. Our family consists of 5 members my dad, my mum, my sister, my dog and me. We like spending time with each other.



Present your family

Hi, today I present my family! Let’s go and meet my family. I have one brother. He is 1 year old and his name is Alteo, I have and one sister, she is 7 years old and her name is Kejsi. My mum is 29 years old and her name is Djana. My dad is 43 years old and his name  Arjan. I love so much my family.

My family!!

My family is very big.

My mum is 41 years old and she is working in OTE.

My dad is 43 years old and he is a police officer.

My sister is 4,5 years old and her name is Eva.

My grandmothers are very very kind and my grandfathers too!

I love my family.

by Zoe

My family

My family is very beautiful.My mam’s name is Tania and my dad’s name is Vasilis.I have one older sister .My sister’s name is Chrysauvgi.I have one dog.My dog’s name is Elsa.I have two grandmothers and two grandfathers their names are George,Mary,Chrysauvgi and Theodore.I have four cousins their names are Theodore,Hercules,Mary and Zoe.Also I have two aunts and two ancles.Their names are Ntina,Thanasis,Spyridoula and Vagelis.I love my family!!!

My family

Hi, I’m Peter. I’m 9 years old. My mum’s name is Helen and my dad’s name is Fotis. My brother George is 3 years old. My sisters Zoe and Deppie are 6 and 8 years old.

My family

My family is big. My mum is short her are brown and my hair is brown. My dad is tall, his eyes are blue and his hair is black. My grandma is short and her eyes are blue and her hair is brown too. My grampa is tall, his eyes are brown. My dog is small and eyes are light brown and it fur is light brown. My dad works in heavy. My mum works in a kindergarten. My grandma works in at public services and My grandpa works in OTE. My family and I like playing games together. When we meet at grandma’s we eat together.

My big family!

My family is big. I have 3 brothers, mum and dad. I have one dog and I live with my grandma and grandpa. My mym works in the bank and my dad is a teacher. I am to the 3rd junior high school of Mytilene. I like playing with my dog or my brother in my free time. My dog’s name is Lakis.In my free time do martial arts.

Why is important to have a family

Every child wants to have a family because a family is a gift for you. Some children do not have a family and they sleep an eat on the road which is so sad because they haven’t got anyone to take care of them.

Family is a gift because it makes you a better person whatever you do your family will support you and help with whatever you do. They help you with your problems in life and your behaviour. The family consists of your parents of course and your grandmothers and your grandfathers. Also consists of your uncle, aunt your godfather and your godmother.

You are very lucky to have a family because with your family you can go wherever you want with them. With your family, you stay under the same roof and you sharing with them everything. And the most important your family do not want you to get hurt.

You have to be kind to your family because it offers you everything. It teaches you to be friendly, kind and many other things also acquire knowledge and solve your questions. The purpose of a family is to create a healthy environment where all members will live happily.


My family consists of four people. My brother’s name is Konstadinos, my mother’s name is Vasiliki and my father’s name is George. My dad is forty-four years old. He has short and black hair, he is tall and thin. He works in Paneboriki. My mum is thirty-seven years old. She has long, red hair, she is tall and thin. She works with my dad. My brother is eight years old. He has short and brown hair, he is tall and thin. He goes in 3rd grade. I am ten years old. I have long, fair hair, I am tall and thin. I go to 5th grade. I love my family.

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