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My big family!

My family is big. I have 3 brothers, mum and dad. I have one dog and I live with my grandma and grandpa. My mym works in the bank and my dad is a teacher. I am to the 3rd junior high school of Mytilene. I like playing with my dog or my brother in my free time. My dog’s name is Lakis.In my free time do martial arts.

Why is important to have a family

Every child wants to have a family because a family is a gift for you. Some children do not have a family and they sleep an eat on the road which is so sad because they haven’t got anyone to take care of them.

Family is a gift because it makes you a better person whatever you do your family will support you and help with whatever you do. They help you with your problems in life and your behaviour. The family consists of your parents of course and your grandmothers and your grandfathers. Also consists of your uncle, aunt your godfather and your godmother.

You are very lucky to have a family because with your family you can go wherever you want with them. With your family, you stay under the same roof and you sharing with them everything. And the most important your family do not want you to get hurt.

You have to be kind to your family because it offers you everything. It teaches you to be friendly, kind and many other things also acquire knowledge and solve your questions. The purpose of a family is to create a healthy environment where all members will live happily.


My family consists of four people. My brother’s name is Konstadinos, my mother’s name is Vasiliki and my father’s name is George. My dad is forty-four years old. He has short and black hair, he is tall and thin. He works in Paneboriki. My mum is thirty-seven years old. She has long, red hair, she is tall and thin. She works with my dad. My brother is eight years old. He has short and brown hair, he is tall and thin. He goes in 3rd grade. I am ten years old. I have long, fair hair, I am tall and thin. I go to 5th grade. I love my family.

A family is valuable


A family is a group of people who show affection and love and support . We also spend time together. Family has two parents, two or four children and two or three grandparents.

Family is a small community and teaches you to be part of community . In the family  as you grow older you learn from them and admire them.

Families must have respect among older people because they are at a critical age. Rarely the mothers are older than father.

Family is very vauleable because are some people who grow with them and learn things which you will not learn thing not learn anywhere else. When you grow up you start your own family.

The best family!

My family is so cool! I have my mother Katherin, my father Antonio and two sisters, Zoe and Rania. My family is a nuclear family because I have a house which lives my parent, my sisters and me. Nobody else! In my family, we have two cats. My family shows love and affection for each other. We listen to what each other says. We share our problems and talk all the time. We find time to eat as a family and we go on holidays together. I love my family because I have my sisters and I like spending a lot of time with them! My family has a special place in my heart. Also, I like my parents because they work and support, they buy me whatever I  need for school or primary school, cook, help me with my homework and they clean house too. I love my family members and I will never change them!!!

My family

Hi! My name is George and this is my family.

My granddad’s name is Giannis👴 and my grandma’s name is Maria.👵 They have got two children. My mum👩, Sofi and my aunt, Mari. My dad’s name is Margaritis👨. I haven’t got a brother or sister. My aunt Mari has got a husband. His name is Mike. He’s my uncle. They have got two children-two daughters. My cousins, Maritina and Joanna are great.

I love my family!

My family

I love my family. There are a lot of members in my family, so I like it very much. First of all, there are my parents, my mum and my dad’s, then there are my grand-parents,2 grandmas and 2 grandpas. The other members of my family are my dad’s brother, his wife, their children, my mum’s sister, her husband, their child, my mum’s cousin, her mother, her child, her sister and go long. Finally, I have a big family with a lot of members in it. I can’t wait to have a new cousin either a sister or a brother.

My mum

My mum is very kind. She has got dark straight hair and brown eyes. My mum is a dentist for chirdren. At home she cooks, washes our clothes and cleans the house. I love my mum!!!!!!!

My favourite family member

Hello! My name is Mirsini and I’m 10 years old. My favourite family member is my mum. I love my mum very much because she always helps me and she does everything I want.

Mirsini M.

My little Brother

Hi, my name is John. I have a little brother. He is a funny little guy! He is a newborn baby, so I still can’t play with him, but I love him, and I will wait until he gets older, to play together!

John K.

My mum

My mum’s name is Maria. She is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. My mum is a generous person because she likes giving things to other people. My mum does the housework and my sister sometimes helps too. Her favourite food is pasta. Her favourite TV show is “your face looks familiar”. She likes playing Monopoly and going to the cinema too. My mum also enjoys playing video games. In her free time, she loves playing with me and listening to music. I love my mother very much!!

Happy mothers day

Like every year, Mother’s Day is an important day since the mother can spend more time with her child. Like every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day was founded in the 20th century by the American Women’s Movement. This time of year on Sunday, all kids make a card or sweet flowers or other things and give them to their moms. This day was established in honour of mothers to quit their jobs for a while and spend some time with their families.