My last birthday

My birthday is in June. In my last birthday, my parents gave me a pc. In the afternoon I organized a birthday party with my friends on a pitch. In the afternoon all my friends came and gave me a present. We ate burgers and pizza and drank fizzy drinks. We also played football and policeman and robbers. We ate a birthday cake too. At night we went back to our homes. When I went to my home I opened my presents. I love my birthday very much!!!

The Science Fair

Dear Ms Kline,
I am looking forward to this annual Science Fair. I believe that it will be great.
In my opinion, the school library could be the ideal place for the fair because it has a lot of space to do activities. Also, we can use books for some experiments which we are going to do. I think that the gymnasium isn’t a good place to have the Science Fair because all the students will get bored.
For this special fair, we should plan a lot of great activities. We can prepare various experiments for our little guests so children can learn Science through games.
Also for the winners of the competitions, we can give them a set of physics as
a prize so that they can make their own little natural workshop at home.

Please reply soon!

Our summer camp

Dear Counsellor,
I am looking forward to our summer camp too. I believe that it will be great. A lot of activities make the day more lovely and enjoyable.
I think a day trip to the lake would be better because we can go swimming and we can go paddling with a kayak. I believe that summer isn’t the perfect period to climb to the top of a mountain.
Also, I agree that we could have swimming lessons in the afternoon because lots of children want to go to the beach in the summer but they can’t swim and I think this is very dangerous. So these lessons could be an opportunity for them.
For lunch, you can prepare food which children love like burgers, pasta, fried potatoes and sausages.
Hope my ideas help,

The Science Fair!!!

Dear Ms Kline
I’m so happy about the Science Fair. I had a good time last year but I really want it to be better this year for the new students. I think students would prefer to use the gymnasium rather than the library to have the fair. We want to have fun not to read books. I believe we should have a competition for who creates the best invention. We can also a Quiz contest about the lessons that they had. Maybe we could have prizes like one year free access to the canteen or a month without Homework. Another idea is to give small trophies or medals as prizes.
Hope my ideas help
Alexandra A.

Happy mothers day

Like every year, Mother’s Day is an important day since the mother can spend more time with her child. Like every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day was founded in the 20th century by the American Women’s Movement. This time of year on Sunday, all kids make a card or sweet flowers or other things and give them to their moms. This day was established in honour of mothers to quit their jobs for a while and spend some time with their families.

The festival in my country

The festival in my country is in Petra village. Panayia celebrates the 15th of August in the summer. People go to church and pray. At night there is traditional dancing and food in the village.

The festival in my country

Today is the third of May. One feast is agio Taxiachy in the village of Mantamados. A lot of people come and visit the church. At night we sing, we dance folk music and we eat the killed bull.


A festival in my country

Hi! Vicky
In the summer at the end of July, there is a festival in my village Agia Paraskevi. It is the festival of the bull. A lot of people ride their horses at the centre of the village. The taverns of the village are full of people eating and drinking. Musicians play folk music and people and horses dance all night! I have a great time!
Your friend,

A Festival in My Country

In my village Perama every summer there is a festival on the 27th of July of Agios Panteleimon. The army raises the icon of the Saint and goes through the village and behind are followed by many horses and believers from the church. Then in the taverns, there is a feast with traditional music.

A festival in my country

Every summer in Molyvos, Lesvos there is a festival “Molyvos International Music Festival”. For three days musicians from all the world play music at Molyvos castle. The ticket isn’t expensive and there are music activities for kids.

Easter in Lesvos

A popular festival in Lesvos is Easter. We go to the church and we light our candles. The priest sings the “Christ is Risen”. In the sky are many fireworks. In Easter day we eat lamb on the spit, kokoretsi, kondosouvli and red boiled eggs. The whole family celebrates together.

A festival in my country

A festival in my country is OUZO FEST. In the summer, at the end of July, the OUZO FEST is taking place in my village Plomari. People there drink traditional ouzo for free. They dance folk music and sing. I like this festival because I enjoy it very much. I dance and sing with my friends and my family. I love OUZO FEST!!!!!!

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