Is graffiti a form of art?

Many people believe that graffiti isn’t a form of art and that it isn’t a legal action. In my opinion, I disagree because nowadays graffiti is a way of expression.

Graffiti is art because with this people can express their feelings and emotions. For example, they can draw images that decorate a street.

In addition, many people use graffiti to influence other people’s beliefs. For instance, they can raise awareness about an environmental issue.

On the other hand, graffiti can also be considered as art that vandalizes public and private properties.  Therefore, I strongly believe that street artists must ask for permission if they want to exhibit their work in public places.

In conclusion, graffiti can’t be referred to as a vandalism act but it isn’t right to damage someone’s property without permission. If graffiti is a form of art or an act of vandalism depends on the artist.

The value of friendship


Many people say that in our days it is difficult to find real friends, but is this true? I disagree with them. I strongly believe that friends are very important to our life and everyone one day will find a friend.

Firstly life without friends is empty and boring. You haven’t a person that he will be next to you whenever you need him and will give you courage.

However, with friends you spend a lot of beautiful moments which you will remember forever. You hang out with them and you have fun. This has as a result, that you never feel loneliness.

On the other hand, you can sometimes argue with your friends but if you are real friends you will be fine again.

To conclude, I am against people who don’t believe that it is important to have friends because in my opinion life without friends is very difficult.

Where is my camera?

Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera but it wasn’t there. He had arrived in Rome that morning and his first desire, after leaving his suitcases at the hotel, was to taste a real Italian coffee. He was at a café when he saw a famous monument on the other side and he wanted to take a photo of it. So, when he opened his backpack he realized that his camera wasn’t there. But he was sure that he had taken it with him after leaving the hotel!

As he was very stressed, he started looking for it around the café. A lot of time passed, but he couldn’t find it so he decided to see it outside. There he met an ice-cream seller and told him about the camera. The ice-cream seller hadn’t seen the camera but he wanted to help. A lot of time passed, but they couldn’t find it. 

Finally, when Ken called the police he heard a loud voice” Ken, wake up. You will be late for work!” He realized that it was just a dream and he felt so relieved!


Block of flats

Blocks of flats are many apartments. The one apartment is one the other apartment and the other apartment is on the other apartment(etc.). There are blocks of flats in big cities, but there are in medium countries. In big cities, there are many skyscrapers, too. In Greece there too many blocks of flats.

Mike M.

Why have young people’s eating habits become so unbalanced? What could parents and teachers do to ensure young people have healthier diet?

Nowadays, teenagers face a lot of eating disorders like obesity or anorexia nervosa. The question is why are people’s eating habits becoming so unbalanced?  also, another question that parents have is what they can do to ensure young people have healthier diets?

One of the reasons that teen’s eating habits are not balanced is that they care about their appearance a lot. For example, the girls don’t eat a lot because they want to be fit. This has as a result that the girls do not eat as much as they should and suffer from anorexia nervosa. Another reason is that some teens like the taste of food and eating a lot. For instance, many kids like sweets or fast food and eat too much of them, resulting in gaining a lot of weight and making healthy problems like obesity.

Moreover, parents ask doctors what they need to do to ensure young people have healthier diets. Something that they can do is to teach kids to eat all kinds of food. For example, kids need to learn to eat healthy and right from a very young age. This has as a result that the right way of eating has become habits and is more difficult to change it. Also, teachers can help with this. For instance, they can talk to kids about how they can eat healthy with projects or videos with the result that kids learn how to eat healthy in an interesting way.

In conclusion, with a balanced diet and knows the right way to eat healthy, teens can stop suffering from eating disorders.

Do you think animals have the power to change people and a person’s behavior?

Animals have a powerful force that influences people’s behaviour. They positively affect people’s lives in a way they can not understand.
Have you ever imagined what life would be like without pets? These little friends can transform a bad day into a better one. One smile or a hug from them act joyfully. In other words, animals have an impact on others and influence emotions. That is why pets help us to be happier and reduce anxiety, because of their fluffy fair.
Animals also help people in being more responsible. For instance, a dog needs food at a particular time and the person learns how to care and nurture it. This means that human brains start thinking unconsciously. Indeed there is another life which must be cared for except for himself.
In conclusion, animals give us the gratification of their company. Peoples life and character can be changed by the animal’s power. After all this do you still not want an amiable pet in your life?

Are you being scared by security cameras or do you feel a protection?

Most places are being filmed by security cameras with target the protection of the places. In other words, cameras protect the public by crimes and vandalism. Undoubtedly, both texts supporting this idea of a network of cameras.
According to the first text, it expresses the view that cameras have a positive affection on the people because of their satisfaction feeling. Most people feel safe to be captured on film in these public places because the percents of be a crime is reducing day today. Likewise, the second text presents the same viewpoint. It discusses the criminal activity which is being filmed. In other words, if a crime has been caught on film is easier to be solved. Despite the first text, the second one does not agree that cameras had put for emotional reasons for feeling safe but rather to have clues in a case of vandalism.
Both texts are powerful and authentic and as I far as I am aware, I agree with the protection of the camera. For instance, if my neighborhood had observation network cameras, I would feel safer going outside at night. As a result, cameras are useful for two reasons. Firstly this surveillance system provides a feeling of security and reduces criminal activity. Also, it helps policemen and lawyers for solving a crime.
To conclude, this project for protection is really useful in public places like airports, malls, and banks and makes the world a better place for living away for vandalism and crimes.


Hercules was the son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene. Hercules is famous for his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures. Hercules is a Roman hero and god. He was the Roman equivalent of the Greek.

Orestis L.

Alki Zei

Alki Zei was born in Athens in 1923. Her father was born in Andro and her mother in Samo. Alki Zei lived as a kid in Samo with her sister. She studied firstly in private school and she passed away 27 of February 2020.

Mania M.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Macedonia in 356. He became king at the age of 20. His father was Philip B and his mother Olympiada. His wife was Roxani. Alexander the Great was a famous king. He did not lose any war and he built cities. Sixteen of them were called Alexandria. He died in 323.

Chris K.

Odysseas Elytis

Odysseas Elytis is one of the best poets in the 1930s. He was born on the 2nd November of 1911 in Heraklion, Greece. The first summers he passed them in Crete, Lesvos and Spetses islands. His family consisted of six children. His father Panagiotis Alepoudellis was born in Panagiouda, Lesvos island. His mother Marry Vrana was from Papados, Lesvos island. He was awarded the national prize in 1960 and also with Nobel in 1979. He died on the 18th March of 1996 (84 years old) in Athens.

Mike M.

Pericles, the inspired Statesman.

Pericles was born in Holargos in 495 BC.
In the early years, he was shy and devoted most of his time to education.
His family was his father Xanthippus and his mother Agariste.
In 461 BC, he became the ultimate statesman in Athens for almost forty years.
Pericles died in Athens in 429 BC, during the First Peloponnesian War, of plague. THE END!!!

Iliana Ch.

KEDU English School