The environment

Environmental problems are big. We have air pollution, rubbish, polluted seas and we must all do something to save our planet. We can recycle paper, glass, aluminium and plastic in the blue bins. We can use the bus or our bicycles and not our cars. We must stop polluting the sea and the beaches. We can organise a cleanup day in the forest or in the beach. We must protect wildlife and save the trees. The environment is very important and we must protect it.

Think green

  1. We must throw rubbish in the school bin.
  2. We should walk to school or ride a bike.
  3. We mustn’t spend energy use energy-efficient bulb.
  4. We should organise a clean- up day for school.
  5. We should build a birdhouse.


Hi Alex,

How are you?I’m so glad you are interested in our enviromental club and I’m sure you’ll love it!!!

It’s called Youth for Environment and our meetings are at 6:30 pm at the Youth Center every Monday. Our club organises clean up days and tree planting events. It also holds presentations and film nights in order to raise awareness for the poor environmental conditions of our planet. We organise some fundraising activities which in my opinion are so much fun. The membership is 20bucks a month, which may be a little overpriced but taking into consideration everything the club has to offer, I don’t think so!

We all have fun there and also help the environment !!

See you soon!


South Georgia And Its Wildlife Threatened by The World’s Largest Iceberg – article review

This is my summary:
I have always been interested in the environment and its wildlife, along with the damage humanity has caused. I recently read an article on National Geographic, about the largest iceberg on the planet, which is shaped like a “closed hand with an index finger pointing forward”, currently located near Georgia, about 31 miles away. The article talks about how it poses a threat to the country’s biodiversity.
According to the article, composed by Sarah Gibbens, the 95 miles long and 30 miles wide iceberg A68 was caused to be broken off the coast of Antarctica Peninsula and was slowly heading north. However it’s course was quickly altered by an ocean current, which sent it into the South Atlantic Ocean and it is now going for South Georgia. For the moment, it still remains a mystery what A68’s next move will be, while the scientists are closely watching it.
South Georgia is home to many antarctic species, like penguins, seals and a small population of the endangered blue whales. If the iceberg groups in place it would create a wall between the land and the “feeding grounds” inhabited by fish and antarctic krill that provide food to the seal, penguins and certain whale species. This would cause depopulation of the animal’s food resources leading to their own.
This article gave me some very interesting information and judging the fact that it was published by the official online site of National Geographic, it is probably correct. I think it provides us with accurate information, due to inclusion of the A68 iceberg’s history, a brief description of Georgia’s biodiversity and what is threatening it.

URL of the article here:

Green Living

I already turn off the tap while brushing my teeth and when I leave I switch off the TV. I also throw recycling materials in the recycling bins. In the future, I plan to take my own cloth bag when I go shopping.

Green activities at school 🏫

Hi Phil,
I really enjoyed reading your post. At our school, we are going to clean up beaches and forests. Also, we organized a cleanup day on Thursday. We are going to plant fruits and vegetables in our schoolyard and recycle waste materials from our school canteen.
I really enjoy reading your post I can’t wait to read more! BYE MARIA.

My eco-school

Welcome to my Eco-school.In my Eco-school we do recycling. In the cantine, we put bins for recycling. We create arts from recycled paper. On sunny days we do lessons outdoor. Every Tuesday we collect litters in our neighbourhood. We have fun altogether because we do all of the things to save the world from the rubbish and learn a lot of things about recycling.

Think green!🌎

If you want to make your school more eco friendly you have to recycle materials especially the paper that you use. You can plant trees in the schoolyard. Put triple bins in every corner for ♻. Have healthy foods in the canteen with fresh fruits and vegetables. Organized green groups. Not to spend much water and more important is to use energy-efficient bulb !!!!♻♻♻

Environmental pollution

Today in the world there is the problem of environmental pollution. This started with the egoism of human because he isn’t interested in the future of the other. I wish people had stopped polluting the land either by their own will or by the laws of the state. I hope people don’t have selfishness. Environmental pollution is a problem that most people do not understand its seriousness and I don’t think they understand. I hope someday they understand that we are in danger.

Stratos  K.

How I can make my school eco-friendly

Eco-friendly schools have become very popular. There are a lot of things I can do to help make my school eco-friendly. Firstly, I have to use recycling bins. Secondly, I can create art from recyclable materials. Thirdly, I can help organize a clean day. Moreover, I can help make leaflets about how to be eco-friendly and make a club for kids who want to do the same.

Aris K.

How can I make my school eco friendly!

All of us can make our school an eco-friendly school. But, if we want to make it eco friendly we must do some things. Firstly, we can plant trees to have more oxygen, secondly, we must build a birdhouse, thirdly, we must organize a clean-up day, then, we must start a recycling club and last but not least, we must respect the environment because it’s the place that we live.

Teo G.



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