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My party!

Hi Mark,

I haven’t seen you for one week. I’m fine because you have sent an email to me. Today is my party and I want to come to this. For you to come to my party, you go to the station and I will call my dad. My dad will go to the station by taxi and bring you. Ok. You will come to my house and help me. Yes. You could bring some cake or biscuits. Anna will bring some chips, George will bring some pizza and Jim will bring some orange juice. We will have a great time.

I’m waiting for you.

Bye for now!


My letter

Hi Jim
My name is Raphael and I’ am 11 years old I like playing basketball. My favourite colour is green because it suits me. I have one brother and one sister they are smaller than me. I like animals and we have a dog, a canarin and a small fish. I change school this September because I will go to a high school.
Tell me about you and your habits and what you like to do.
Talk to you soon.

Raphael M.


Hello, Anastsia.I’m Mirsini. I want to tell you that I will go to the Vatera beach on Sunday. I would like you to come with me if you want. See you there I hope. Kisses!

Mirsini M.


Hi Thomas!
How are you?
Do you remember the blog which I had written that I will go to Italy? Well, I went to Italy. It was so cool. I had a great time. I will tell you where we went. First of all, yes, we went by plane. We went to the Colosseum. Believe me, you must go there too. We went to the Vatican, to the castle of angels, and to the Fontana di trevi. Also, we always spoke in English because we were in Italy. It was amazing! You have to go too!

From your best friend

We can write about another subject!

Hi, Jim
How are things? How’s your family? I hope you’re all well!!! In this blog, I will talk about two things. First, I would like to thank you for all your kind words and I know they are from deep inside. You will remain my friend whatever happens. Second when it comes to the blog that’s a brilliant idea. I had been thinking about it a long time ago but I wasn’t sure about what we could write about. In your last blog, you wrote that we can say about the KENTERIS English language school. That’s a cool idea but I have written about this subject in the past so I have another suggestion: We can write about our teacher, Mrs Vicki and I think we have a lot of wonderful and nice things to say about her.
Best wishes,
Your friend

Can we write a blog together?

Hello Panagiotis!
How are you? Are you fine?
I love your blog posts and I am a fan of your blog. Your blog posts have a lot of feels, make sense and they don’t have mistakes at all. One day, I want to write a blog with you. I imagine it will be a lot of fun. I want to write about the KENTERIS English language school this year. I will be happy as soon as you give your answer to this blog.

Wait for your reply
from your classmate

Hi Annie

Hi Annie,
I am so sorry to hear that you’ve got a flu. I hope you get well soon. As for the lessons, don’t worry, health is above all. Of course, I will send you an email with each homework, it is the least I can do for you. These days we don’t have lots of homework so you won’t get tired of doing it. Today we wrote a Test in Geography. It wasn’t difficult and our teacher said that you don’t have to write it. Also in Technology, we did a project about the machines.
I think that you should take the whole week off to recover because when you come to school you can get worse and stay home longer. Additionally, you need to recover to be perfectly well for the exams which are in two weeks.
I hope I was helpful.

The Science Fair

Dear Ms Kline,
I am looking forward to this annual Science Fair. I believe that it will be great.
In my opinion, the school library could be the ideal place for the fair because it has a lot of space to do activities. Also, we can use books for some experiments which we are going to do. I think that the gymnasium isn’t a good place to have the Science Fair because all the students will get bored.
For this special fair, we should plan a lot of great activities. We can prepare various experiments for our little guests so children can learn Science through games.
Also for the winners of the competitions, we can give them a set of physics as
a prize so that they can make their own little natural workshop at home.

Please reply soon!

My answer to Annie

Dear Annie
I’m sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope you get better soon. I will miss you.
Of course, I can send you e-mails with each day’s homework. Whatever you need I am here for you.
Today we had two tests. A Geography and a Maths Test. We have for homework four exercises in History on pg69 and two exercises in Science on pg47. We also have to do Writing on pg104.
I think you should take the whole week off to recover from the flu.
Alexandra A

Our summer camp

Dear Counsellor,
I am looking forward to our summer camp too. I believe that it will be great. A lot of activities make the day more lovely and enjoyable.
I think a day trip to the lake would be better because we can go swimming and we can go paddling with a kayak. I believe that summer isn’t the perfect period to climb to the top of a mountain.
Also, I agree that we could have swimming lessons in the afternoon because lots of children want to go to the beach in the summer but they can’t swim and I think this is very dangerous. So these lessons could be an opportunity for them.
For lunch, you can prepare food which children love like burgers, pasta, fried potatoes and sausages.
Hope my ideas help,

An email to the Counselor

Dear Counselor Fred,
I’m so excited about the camp this year. I had a really good time last year.
That’s a great idea swim rather than climb to the top of a mountain.
Swimming lessons are a good idea. I believe they like water and of course swimming. Maybe we could do other activities in the afternoon like group sports.
I think we should prepare fried potatoes and chicken for lunch with salads of course. We can also have a BBQ with sausages and hamburgers.

Looking forward to hearing from you
Alexandra Albrahimi

A Different May Day!

Hi John,
How are things? I hope you’re well! In this e-mail, I want to tell you about May Day. As you know, I’m a May boy because I was born on the 15 of May. May is my favourite month because I love poppies and generally I like all flowers. The day before May Day, I and my dad went to a special place to collect some flowers because we wanted to make a beautiful wreath. It took a while because my dad wanted to collect more flowers so that we could make bouquets for mum and grandma. After 2 hours we had managed to collect a lot of flowers. When we returned home we gathered our flowers and started making our wreath. When we finish it, we hanged it on the door. It was very beautiful. On May Day we decided to eat outside in our garden. It was great. The food was delicious and the hometown was peaceful and quiet.
I’m waiting for your answer,