daily routine

Daily Routine

(before charatine)

I get up at 7:20 and have breakfast then i brush my teeth and walk to school.I finish the lesson sometimes at 13:20 and sometimes at 14:10 because i go college.When i finish school i go home.Then I have lunch and do my homework.In the evening usually chat online with my friends.I watch TV or I play video games.At 9:00 I have dinner with my family and at 11:30 I go to bed.

This is my day

In the  morning, i get up, i have breakfast and watch tv, i brush my teeth and then i go to school. In the afternoon, i eat lunch, i brush my teeth and then i play. Later, i do my homework. In the evening, i play with my toys and i have dinner and watch tv. At night, i brush my teeth and go to bed.

My colourful schoolbag!

Hello everyone! My name’s Fotini

My schoolbag is full of colours. Look!

A blue book and a white rubber.

This is my pencil. It’s black and red.

And what’s this? It’s my notebook.

It’s blue and black!

My daily routine in coronavirus

Everyday, I get up at 8 o’clock, I have breakfast and I brush my teeth. Later, at half past nine I do my homework. At half past one I have lunch and watch TV. Later, at 2 o’clock, I enter my e-class. At half past five I enter my english e-class. Later, in the evening I have dinner and watch TV. At half past ten I brush my teeth and I go to bed. My daily routine in coronavirus is tiring.

My daily routine in quarantine

All people find quarantine annoying but they don’t know how good is.My daily life routine in quarantine is simple but I try to spend my time creatively.

When I wake up I start and get ready for the online lessons that I have for school. After when I finish I usually have activities like English lesson. Then I do my exercises I have for school and English.I usually relax by painting and listening to music. Then I can go for a walk with my bike having sent a message of course to exercise and get some fresh air then I go home and take a bath and lie down to sleep.

This was a day of my daily life in quarantine not all the days are like that but they are about the same.


My daily routine

Hi, Clara,
You asked me what my everyday routine is. Well, I usually get up at 7 p.m. I get quickly ready and I leave for school around 7:45. When school finishes at 1 o’clock, I go home and I usually eat lunch with my family. When I finish my lunch, I do my homework because at 4 o’clock I have volleyball. Finishing volleyball at around 6 o’clock, I come back home, I take a shower and then I go to bed and check my phone. Finally, at around 11 o’clock, I go to bed. That’s my everyday routine! What’s yours?
With love, Christine.

My daily routine

Hi! my name is Nandia and this is my daily routine!: I wake up at 7:00am, I drink my orange juice and I go to school by car. I go back home at 3:15 s and I go to my activities. After I see some TV and I go to sleep.



HELLO!!!!!!HELLO!!!!!!! Today I am talking for my daily routine. First of all, I get up then brush my teeth and my hair and eat my breakfast. Next, I go to my school with my sister. At 8’o clock, the lesson starts. At 1:15 the lesson finishes but, I stay more. At 4:00 I go to my home then I do my homework, next play with my sister and watch TV. And the end I eat my dinner and go to my bed.

My typical day!

Hi John,
You have been asking me what do I do each day. Ok, I’ll describe to you my typical day. Every day except weekends, I get up very early in the morning. It’s a bugbear! After brushing my teeth I put on my favourite clothes. Eating my breakfast, I start my way to school. I usually walk to school, but when it rains my dad drives me. School lasts for six hours. That’s a bugbear too, but I sympathise with the students of high schools. Their lessons last for seven hours! In the midday, when I return home I have lunch. As you know my mum is a very good cook, so I love her food. Then I do my homework; I have a lot of homework every day. That’s a bugbear too. In the afternoon I drink some juice and I eat popcorn. Some days of the week I have English and French lessons, but when I have free time I usually play board games with my family and I rarely play video games with my brother. After a while, in other words at night I go to bed. That’s my typical day.
Best wishes,

Daily routine in coronavirus

Hi! I’m Maritina. In coronavirus days I don’t go to school. Every day I watch school subjects on TV. After that, I play in my garden. I often read books, listen to music and dance. After lunch, I do my homework for my English school. I love English lessons on the computer because I meet my friends and Miss Vicky! In the afternoon I have a lot of free time and I watch youtube videos. I miss summer and swimming!
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My free time!

Hi John,
How are things? I hope you’re well! What are you doing these days? Do you play any games with your little sister? Oh, I forgot it! How is your sister Mirsini? Is she well? I hope she is! I’m very bored these days but I know that it is a hard war against a virus and that we must beat it. Every morning I ride my bike in the garden and then in the midday when I eat my lunch I study a bit. In the afternoon I sometimes drink some juice and I eat a sandwich and then in the evening I play board games with my family. Finally I eat dinner and I go to bed. How’s your free time? Do you study or not?
Let me know
Your friend Panagiotis

My daily roytine (quarantine)

I wake up at 11:00 o’ clock. Then I eat breakfast.when I finish I do some exercises for my school. At noon I play PS4 with my friends. We eat around 3:00 o’ clock. When my parents are sleeping I continue playing up until 4:30. When they wake up I close it and continue doing exercises. At the afternoon we are dancing in a game called Just Dance. In the end, we watch a movie and we sleep.

Jimmy M.

KEDU English School