The tree building

This building has 6 floors and many windows. It has two big elevators. On the last floors, it has a garden with a cafe and restaurant.The other floors have offices with many computers. The building is 30m tall and it is near a park. There is a car park in the building and a shopping mall. The tree building is very unique.

The Bright Side of Quarantine (a creative person’s perspective)

“Why are you dressed up as The Dragon Queen? Is she your favourite character or did you just think it would be an interesting thing to do?”.
This is the question I would ask this “21st century Queen Daenerys Targaryen”.
Since Lithuania went under quarantine, the photographer, Adas Vasiliauskas, has been using a drone to take pictures of the people in their houses enjoying a positive aspect of quarantine. My favourite picture, of the few that I have seen, is picture number 6, which shows a young woman standing on her balcony dressed up as the fictional character, from the well-known book/TV series “Game of Thrones”, Daenerys Targaryen. Apparently, the “cosplayer”, as she appears to be, is holding a banner that writes “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS”.
According to my creative aspect, I think that one of the many bright prospects of quarantine for a creative person could be the opportunity to focus on certain projects, like a painting, a costume, a writing piece or whatever it is they are working on. A few hours before the picture was taken, this woman was probably sitting in front of the TV watching her favourite series, Game of Thrones, and thought: “Maybe, it’s time I brush up that Daenerys costume of mine and have a little fun.” Consequently, that is how this woman decided to entertain herself during these hard times, rather than spending a whole lot of precious time doing nothing productive.

In my point of view, quarantine has given people the opportunity to spend some quality time with ourselves or the people we live with. To sum up, we should not waste our time, because such an opportunity might not come around any time soon for some of us.

P. I. Eleftheriou
(a KEDU assignment)



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