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3d printer!

Hello, guys! My name is Jim and I tell you about 3d printer. A 3D printer is a machine which prints 3d models. First of all, we have to design the 3d model in computer software like TinkerCAD. Then, we export the 3d model in a .stl file. We import this file in a curu computer program. We choose all the options and we save it as a .gcode file in an SD card. We put this card in the 3d printer and it prints the 3d model. The 3d printer is a very useful machine because it helps us to print very interesting things.

Jim N.

Minecraft rules!

One of my favourites games is Minecraft I like this game because I can build everything I want I like to play Minecraft with my brother or my friends. You can play Survival or Creative. On Survival must survive for zombies, skeletons and other monsters but on Creative you have all the blocks in Minecraft. With blocks, you build everything you want.you should download this game because is very interesting.

Apostolis M.