The church of Laç

The church of Laç is in Albania. There is a big place for parking. When you walk inside you will see Jesus when he was a child. Near the parking is a souvenir shop. On your left you see some pictures of all the saints. When the pictures finish there is the church.

Inside the church there are many seats and pictures on the walls. We stayed inside for half an hour. From the shop outside we had bought candles and made a wish.

I really enjoyed my trip to Albania visiting my relatives and friends and can’t wait to go again next summer.

Alexandra A.

Ano Halikas church!

In Ano Halikas Mytilene we have a very beautiful and big church. The name of the church is Saint Fathers. Every Sunday I am going to this church. Inside it has beautiful hagiographies and a wooden carved iconostasis. Also, the Church has a place where only the ladies sit. Outside, it has a big beautiful garden with a lot of flowers. Next to the church, there is a cemetery and a place for drinking a coffee after the Divine Liturgy. Also, there is car parking outside the garden. But in the last month, we can’t go because of the coronavirus. I love to go to the church and I do not want to lose it.

KEDU English School