Nowadays teens are active in social media and they know everything about smartphones and tablets and

sometimes they have more than one social media account. Although its a modern way for teens to communicate and

it may affect them positive and negative.

The pros are that they help them to connect and communicate with relatives that live far away.

They talk with their friends and they learn new things together and they exchange ideas about

technology. It helps children to be more independent and to express themselves free.

The cons are that they have no limits of using social media and there’s no parents to control

them so they can see things that are not good for a teenager or even worst they can be

victims of cyber bullying. And they can also be addicted to social media.

I came to the conclusion that social media accounts are nessesery for teens

because nowadays you can’t be out of technology but it should be a limit on how

you use it and parents should be close and they must be aware of social media

so they can help their kids any time they need them.