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My friend

My best friend is Eva. She’s at my school and my school is so cool. She’s of medium height and thin but strong. Her hair is brown. Eva is happy everyday. She is clever, energetic and cheerful but she is sometimes bossy. Every day Eva and I are never apart. I help Eva for everything. Eva and I are best friends. She is my best friend because she’s honest and she can keep a secret.

My special friend

My special friend is dimitra and she is 10 years old .She is tall and very clever. She’s got short brown hair and dark brown eyes. Dimitra likes making things from  paper and likes talking to me on messeger. Dimitra is always happy. That is because she is my best friend ever.

All around the world

Hello ! I’m Deppie 10 years old. I’m from Mytilene Greece. Mytilene is a big city, but it isn’t the capital city of Greece. Athens is the capital city of Greece!

My e-friend is Pandora. She’s 10 too. She’s not Greek. She’s from Australia – the capital city of Canberra. Pandora  can play football very well. She’s great. I love her very much!

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My best friend

My best friend’s name is Myrta. we are 4 years good friends, and we are happy together. Myrta is important to me because she helps me when I have a problem, she never tell me lies and everyday she tell me ‘You never have to be alone’.She is very cheerful, smart, and beautiful. I think I will have never a friend like Myrta.

By HarietK. ❤️

My best friend

My best friend is Therapia. She is my schoolmate. She has got long black curly hair and brown eyes. She is kind and faithful friend. We like listening to music and dancing. I love Therapia!!!!!!

My best friend

My friend Dimitra is 12 years old and she is my best friend. Dimitra is very tall and has long brown hairs and big brown eyes. She is thin and she has a great body. She has a beautiful smile and she has a few spots. She is really pretty!

She likes wearing shorts and T-shirts in summer and in winter she likes wearing long sleeves and trousers. She usually has her hair up but she sometimes has her hair down.

I love Dimitra because she has a kind heart and is friendly with everyone and that’a why I have chosen her as my best friend

Who is my best friend

My best friend is a girl. Her name is Elen. She lives in Mytilene. She has got long dark hair. She is taller than me and a little thinner than me. She likes Taekwondo.

Maria S.

My best friend 👩‍❤️‍👩

My best friend is Eve! She has brown straight long hair and brown eyes! She is kind and friendly. She is my best friend because when we are together all the time we’re laughing! She comes to my house and we’re put on my mum’s dresses and we play big women 😁. She is my best friend and it is never going to be different 💖

Anna M.

My best friend!

My best friend is Evanthia. She is tall and she has got blonde hair and we have exchanged our secrets. Evanthia is funny and I wish to stay best friends forever! 😎

My close friend Alex!

My close friend Alex lives in Molyvos! He has one sister and one brother! Also, he goes sixth grade and next year will go to high school. Alex has brown hair and eyes. He is funny, smart, and very shy. We are talking from messenger and tik tok. He plays violin, football, basketball and he swims. His dad has a restaurant and his grandmom, too. I visit him one day every month. I have him for a close friend because he always makes me feel happy. I never want to ruin our friendship.

Love my friends:)

Hi, I am Dimitra and I want to express my happiness for the last two months.
In the beginning, I was really bored and I didn’t know how to spend my time, so I started going out with my friends every day. We were walking around, we were taking pictures, we were listening to music and we were having fun.
Now I am still getting out with my friends every day, so I think you understand that my friends are the cause of why I am still happy today. 🙂

What makes a perfect friend

Hi everyone!
This week I’ve been thinking about the nature of friendship and the things that are essential for a true friendship. Personally, I feel that by far the two greatest things about friendship are honesty and trust.
Honesty is something necessary for friendship. When you are honest with your friend, you avoid the lies and there is a connection of trust between you and your friend. Honesty is not something that you have for the begin of your friendship, is something that develops when there is trust between friends.
Trust, is something the same essential as honesty in friendship. In case we need help and everyday push you be a better person. Similarly, you need to trust your friend to be honest with him.
At the same time, shared interests is an important thing in a friendship. As people know, when you have the same interests as your friend, we spent more time together and when you have a friendship you need to have time for it. Also, this is a thing that in case if do not have it would cease to exist.
In sum up, honesty, trust, shared interests are essential for a true friendship but is not only that. Take some time to maintain these qualities so that your friendship is valuable.

Maria T.