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My best friend

My friend Dimitra is 12 years old and she is my best friend. Dimitra is very tall and has long brown hairs and big brown eyes. She is thin and she has a great body. She has a beautiful smile and she has a few spots. She is really pretty!

She likes wearing shorts and T-shirts in summer and in winter she likes wearing long sleeves and trousers. She usually has her hair up but she sometimes has her hair down.

I love Dimitra because she has a kind heart and is friendly with everyone and that’a why I have chosen her as my best friend

Who is my best friend

My best friend is a girl. Her name is Elen. She lives in Mytilene. She has got long dark hair. She is taller than me and a little thinner than me. She likes Taekwondo.

Maria S.

My best friend 👩‍❤️‍👩

My best friend is Eve! She has brown straight long hair and brown eyes! She is kind and friendly. She is my best friend because when we are together all the time we’re laughing! She comes to my house and we’re put on my mum’s dresses and we play big women 😁. She is my best friend and it is never going to be different 💖

Anna M.

My best friend!

My best friend is Evanthia. She is tall and she has got blonde hair and we have exchanged our secrets. Evanthia is funny and I wish to stay best friends forever! 😎

My close friend Alex!

My close friend Alex lives in Molyvos! He has one sister and one brother! Also, he goes sixth grade and next year will go to high school. Alex has brown hair and eyes. He is funny, smart, and very shy. We are talking from messenger and tik tok. He plays violin, football, basketball and he swims. His dad has a restaurant and his grandmom, too. I visit him one day every month. I have him for a close friend because he always makes me feel happy. I never want to ruin our friendship.

Love my friends:)

Hi, I am Dimitra and I want to express my happiness for the last two months.
In the beginning, I was really bored and I didn’t know how to spend my time, so I started going out with my friends every day. We were walking around, we were taking pictures, we were listening to music and we were having fun.
Now I am still getting out with my friends every day, so I think you understand that my friends are the cause of why I am still happy today. 🙂

What makes a perfect friend

Hi everyone!
This week I’ve been thinking about the nature of friendship and the things that are essential for a true friendship. Personally, I feel that by far the two greatest things about friendship are honesty and trust.
Honesty is something necessary for friendship. When you are honest with your friend, you avoid the lies and there is a connection of trust between you and your friend. Honesty is not something that you have for the begin of your friendship, is something that develops when there is trust between friends.
Trust, is something the same essential as honesty in friendship. In case we need help and everyday push you be a better person. Similarly, you need to trust your friend to be honest with him.
At the same time, shared interests is an important thing in a friendship. As people know, when you have the same interests as your friend, we spent more time together and when you have a friendship you need to have time for it. Also, this is a thing that in case if do not have it would cease to exist.
In sum up, honesty, trust, shared interests are essential for a true friendship but is not only that. Take some time to maintain these qualities so that your friendship is valuable.

Maria T.

The value of friendships

Friendship is essential for the successful wellbeing of every person. It is based on the simple rules of trust and honesty.
A true friend is a person you can always count on when you have challenges and serious problems. He always offers a shoulder to cry on in case something wrong happens. Your soulmate always listens to your problems, gives you good advices and NEVER talks behind your back. This person keeps you all the secrets. You can always tell your trusted friend your flaws and be sure that your revelations are safe. Being trustworthy is a very important factor in any relationship.
A true friend is there for you every time, he makes you smile when you forgot how to and never lets you down. Generally, he lifts you up when you can’t lift up yourself.
Apart from being there for you, it is about doing things together. Friendship is being able to cry together or bring foolish together. It is being mad at each other. True friends are always ready to protect each other from being hurt.
It takes time and patience to build a strong relationship and achieve trust between two soulmates It is very important to have somebody you can share your thoughts freely.
To conclude a good friendship is very difficult to come across, and longtime ti create feelings to each other. But when they created there are a lot of benefits, like: a happily life, unique experiences and the most essential. They give us total freedom to be who we really are. We should be grateful to people who made us happy. A true friend is one of the most precious things that someone can have in his life.

Kleopatra V.


Friendship.One word but so many meanings instead. They say that family is a very essential piece of our lives, and I am sure you are thinking about why I wrote family and not friends because actually a true friend is included in your family.
In the first place, it’s easy to say that you find a true friend but in reality, is very hard to find one and also to keep him close to your side. Now, if you think that you have found a true friend the sovereign thing in this “ship” is, firstly, honestly. You can always tell the truth to this person even if it’s the most hurtful thing for him without being aware of it.
Secondly, another important thing is trust. All of us have that one or two friends that every single thing about our lives because we are open to them and we know that they will keep our secret in “a safe place”.
The third thing is sharing interests. I am sure that most of us have that one friend that they will have an interest in the same hobby or in a movies/series that they will always talk about.
Last but not least, your true friend makes you be a better person. He/she always there when you have done something tragically bad or he/she catches you up and make you take the right decision.
We always have to be very grateful about the people we have in our lives and makes her even better than it was before we met them and also we have to be very careful about who we are choosing to be a part of our lives because what we think is not always the right decision.

Sapho S.

My best friend

My best friend is Valia. She is from Mytilene like me. She is tall and beautiful. She has brown with blue hair because she dyed her hair. Her eyes are brown. She is kind, intelligent and patient. She loves football. She is unique to me because she was the first friend I had at school. The first day at school in 2014 I was alone. I was sitting on a desk without a friend. After some minutes, she sat in front of me and asked me if I want to be friends. Since then, we are friends. I love her so much ❤️❤️.

Alexandra A.

My best friends

Hello! I’m Maritina my best friends names are Marialena and Stavrula. they are 10 years old like me. Marialena has got dark brown and long hair. She has got dark eyes and she is tall, thin. She is beautiful and lives in Mytuline. She is happy and polite. She likes martial arts Stavrula brown and long hair. She has got brown eyes. She is tall and plump. She is beautiful. She lives in Mytuline. She is friendly and clever and she likes dancing. We like drawing together. I LOVE MY FRIENDS VERY MUCH!

Maritina K.

My best friends

My best friends are Maria, Phylisia, Rafaela and Stella. They are 11 years old and tall. Maria has brown eyes and hair, Phylisia has brown eyes and black hair, Rafaela has brown eyes and hair and Stella has brown eyes and hair. Maria has one sister, Phylisia has two brothers, Rafaela has two sisters and Stella has one sister. WE ARE VERY LOVED.

Arhontia D.