#best friends


My best friends name is Keti.She is 12 years old and we are in the same class.She is kind and beautyful.She have brown hair and eyes.Keti  is tall and thin.Her nationality is Albanin like me.When we are together,we are like a mouse and a cat.I HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS BUT THEY AREN’T LIKE SHE!!!I LOVE MY BEST FRIEND BECAUSE SHE IS MY SISTER!!!

My best friend


My best friend is Artemis. Artemis leaves in Kastoria. She is tall and thin. She has brown short hair. She is clever and happy. Her favourite colour is pink. Her favourite sport is volleyball. She likes drawing. I like drawing too. She doesn’t have any sisters and brothers. I meet her every summer.

Best Friends

Hello I Mania and Today I want to talk you about my best friend. My best friend is Evanthia, she is in my class and she is 11 years old. She is tall, has got green eyes. Evanthia s very popular and she is a big fun Harry Potter like me! Shae always tells me her secrets. We gossip in my class. She has got a litlle brother George he is 8 years old. I wish always Best friends Forever

Bye Mania!!!