The giraffe

The giraffe is an African mammal. It is the tallest animal and lives in savannah. It has tall legs and long neck. It can run very fast. Giraffes eat fruits, flowers and leaves from trees. They also have dark spots on their body and a tail. Their face is funny.


The Vampire squid 🐙 has got a reddish colour and eight long arms.It lives in very deep,dark water,and it has got very big eyes 👀.It has also got two ear-like fins.The vampire squid can turn itself inside out to hide from predators!🦑🐙

My pets

My pets are 3.The first is a dog. My dog is 4 years old and its name is Lusy. Her colors are brown and white, she is very playful and very cute too. She has 5 puppies and they are all boys.

My other pet is a dog too. We adopt him 2 weeks ago. But this dog is younger than Lusy,is only 1 year old. We don’t give it a name but we will think about it. Is brown and white too.

My third and last pet is a turtle. It is very cute but very old too, it is 3 years old. It has green and brown colour.Sometimes her water get dirty, we clean in the sink and we put the turtle in the sink too. It is very funny when we placed the turtle somewhere.

By HarietK.



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