An email

An e-mail to my friend

Hello Apostolis. How are you?

I want to invite you to go to  Dolphins Plas. I went there last weekend and bieleve me it was a fantastic experience. Dolphins are amazing creatures. You must see how excited they look around feeding time. The best part of the day is when you swim with them. So what are you waiting for…? Come to join me next weekend.

sport event at my school

Hi Fouli

How are you? I am writing you to discribe about the sport event of my school. Every March just before the school closes for the East we organise the race (three feet). In the school teachers of physical education tie a foot of a child with the foot of other child and they run together.We compete with other schools and at the end school have  a lot of snacks and some soft drinks.

I feel very excited because it’s so cool 😊 and I feel very happy because my school always win.

Write back soon

Johny L. 🤓🤓🤓🤓

Email to a friend

Hi John,

How are you? I am sorry I haven’t written to you for such a long time. My news is many. First of all my mum found a new job. She is working in a restaurant. The football team of my cousin Gregory won the gold cup. I ran 200 metres and won the gold medal the track and field athletic competition.

Bye for now,





Hello, my friend,

My name is Peter. I am a student at 11th primary school of Mytilene and I love language and maths. my favourite game is among us and Fortnite. My favourite sport is table tennis and football. My favourite pet is my dog Jouky. My favourite food is eggs. My best friend is George. I have two brothers and a big family

See you,



FROM; Helen



My name is Aurora. How are you? I’m from Albania I’m 10 years old. I’m a student at 10th primary school of Mytilene

I  can play volleyball very well and my favourite colour is black and blue.

Whats about you