A sport event

Dear Eva

I’m really excited because we have a volleyball tournament at school. We play in teams. My team has just won the first game. I’m really happy because it is the first time my school organizes this tournament. You can come and watch the games.
Bye for now.


An email about a sport event

From: Maritina

To: Mirsini

Subject: Sports event

Hi Mirsini!

How are you doing? I’ve just returned from a school event. Its name is “Basketball

Tournament” and it takes place every September in our school playground.

All schools had a basketball team. Our school competed with other schools. I played

on the team. We won the first medal and I felt excited!

We all felt proud because it was a great day! What about your school?

Write back soon,


A special sports event

From: Victoria

To: Claire

Subject: A special sports event

Hi Claire

How are you doing? I’ve just come back from an amazing school event! We call it a special sports event and it takes place every August in the field next to the school. There we play volleyball and basketball. For each game, one team wins and takes a gold medal. I’m very proud of my team because last year we won the gold medal for volleyball! After, there was soft drinks and food for everyone. I feel very happy about this event. Do you have anything similar at your school?

Write back soon,


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