a volcanic eruption

A story about a volcano

Yesterday we went to a volcano. It all happened when we saw a piece of paper saying that the one who will go to the top of the volcano will receive one thousand euros. Then we tried to climb the volcano.

Two hours later we reached the top but we saw lava so we started running as fast as we could. The lava almost got us but fortunately, we were quicker and we went down the volcano without any accidents.

When we finally reached the ground we couldn’t find our car. We looked everywhere but we didn’t see it anywhere. So we did the only thing we could which was run on foot but then we saw it and got in as fast as we could. We felt extremely relieved as we drove away.


Santorini’s adventure

My parents and I felt very excited as we got on the bus. It was a beautiful morning in Santorini. The sun was shining and a warm brereze was blowing-the perfect weather for a climbing.

Eventually, we arrived on the foot of Santorini’s volcano. We were hiking on it when something heard.

It was a strange noise that I had never heard before. Suddenly, the volcano erupted. We started running down the mount to escape from the eruption.

Luckily, there was a bus passing by and we got inside. We left, but we lived a real adventure. We felt extremely releived as we drove away.


      On 26th August, the cloud disappeared and daylight returned. There had been tremors in the days and hours before, but this was something different. In Italy, on Mount Vesuvius had happened a volcanic eruption. Everyone was scared. Behind us, they could see a black cloud with flashes of fire which looked like lightning. Some years later, he wrote to a friend about the events of that terrible day.

Mount Vesuvius


One day I was in my house asleep when I heard a loud noise.My mum come to me and woke me up.I was scared and she was scared too!I asked her what is that loud noise and she told me that the volcano erupted.I looked outside the window,there was a black cloud which was next to our house.I called my dad and he came very quickly.We went out and we saw a lot of people running with their kids and crying.When we went in the house again we heard another much louder noise than the first.We saw the volcano throwing fireballs and there was a river of  lava that was coming down in the town.We all ran away from the volcano.We survived but that day is very difficult to forget.

A volcanic eruption

Last weekend my family and I went to the beach. We had a swim in the sea. After that, he had a picnic. All of a sudden there was a volcanic eruption but it wasn’t strong. We didn’t worry because it was a small tremble. After two hours we weren’t ready to go back home. Just we went arrived back home there was strong volcanic eruption lava started flowing down the volcano and towards to our city. A lot of people started screaming and running from safety. We quickly grabbed our things and run as fast as we could away from this disaster we headed for the mountain and hear our home while a black cloud covered the city with ash. This was the worst day of my life!!



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