a trip


A gentle wind was blowing through the campsite as my brother and I put up our tent. Everything was okay, but slowly the wind was getting stronger. We weren’t worried since we saw a big scary cloud covered the sun.

We went to find our parents that were finding woods, in the forest, for the fire. As we were walking through the forest trying to find our parents we got lost! My little brother was so scared! I didn’t know what to do, I was so scared too.

The cloud was getting bigger and the sky darker. The idea of spending a night in a scary forest without knowing what you are about to deal with scared me the most.  What made that night more creepy was the storm that started. We got wet and more frightened. Suddenly we hear someone call our names, it was our mom and dad that were looking for us! We were so happy!!

We went back to our tent, changed clothes and had fun with our parents. After that night we learned that we should never ever again go through the woods alone!

My trip

It was summer and I was very young but I remember this trip very well.We went by ship to Athens wth my mum.There we got the bus and in the morning we arrived in Albania .

Ater a few days I went to my aunt.When she saw me she was very surprised.We ate lunch and slept because we were very tired.When I woke up I played with my toys and we ate dinner.After I watched cartoons on TV and went to sleep .

Next morning I went with my aunt and I saw she had bought a donkey for me . I hugged her and she helped me get on the donkey . I liked it very much. In the afternoon after lunch we went with my mum, my aunt, and my cousins to a cafe.I drank a cold drink because it was a hoy summer.

I stayed at my aunt’s village two other days and I came back to Greece.I felt both sad and happy. I felt sad because I will see her next year and happy because we stayed together ,played together and slept together. I love my aunt so much!

The best place that you can go for a holiday

The place that I want to go for a holiday is Nafplio, a town of Peloponnese. Nafplio is a very popular town because there is the prison of Kolokotronis. There are a lot of hotels that you can visit but some hotels are expensive.

In Nafplio you can do whatever you like it has many activities that you can do. Of course, you can go to the prison of Kolokotronis which is an exciting experience don’t miss it. Also, you can go to the castle of Nafplio there it has the statue of Kolokotronis and you can learn about the history of the castle. This castle is in the middle of the sea and you can go on a boat it’s a really cool experience. Nafplio has a train and it takes you around the town. This is the best activity that you can do there. Also, you can walk and explore many things. There it has many restaurants that you can eat and the food is delicious.

To visit this place is not very expensive and I promise that it is the best place that you should go whenever you get a chance.


Spille is a coastal village in Albania .Spille beach is one of the most beautiful beaches.It is a sandy beach with a lot of  sunbeds.The sea is the cleanest of all but a little bit cold .

I went to Spille with my familyand cousins last Sunday.In the morning there weren’t many people but by noon the beach was full.

There are some cafeterias and some restaurants to enjoy seafood.The sea is deep and unsuitable for kids.

What I enjoyed most was the sunset.It was just amazing . At half past eight we went back home but the beach was still full .Many families were relaxing by the sea and children were playing with the water and didn’t want to leave this fantastic place.

Alexandra A.

The scary forest

Jacob looked at the map and decided to go west. We wanted to explore a forest that everyone told us that it was haunted. We were curious to go there! We stayed there for 2 days. The first day we explored the west side of the forest. We didn’t find anything so we went to sleep early. We heard creepy noises out of ur tend! It was very scary!

The next day we woke up early so that we could have more time to explore. We were walking all day, so we decided to rest for some minutes. We started to explore more but it had already started to get darker. It had fog so we couldn’t find our way!

Suddenly we heard strange noises coming out of the bushes! We thought that it was a bear but there aren’t any bears in this forest! We started to shout because we thought that it was a ghost! Then a bush started to move. We didn’t know what to do! Jacob stood up for us and threw a piece of wood to the bush. A raccoon came out of there. When we saw it we started laughing. We headed back to our tent, relieved from our experience

Our crazy journey

Once upon a time, I was with my parents, we were preparing our staff to go back home. So, we took our car and drove to the port. Our ship was leaving at 8 o’clock and for no reason, it left 10 minutes before. So we had to wait until another ship that goes to the same destination as the previous ship to come. We waited for hours until the other ship would come. And we went in.

Some hours later when we were close to the middle of the ocean, it started to have a lot of wind. The ship was old and it didn’t have much power, so it was moving lot from the big waves. The storage in the ship was going to the one side of the ship to the other side! Everyone thought that we would end in the water swimming, and almost half of the people in the ship were screaming and their thought came true. A big wave came to the left side of the ship and it took the ship in it. When the wave passed we started to sink so everyone run fast to the lifeboat. Some hours later another boat came and picked us up, it drove us to our home town safely. We felt extremely relieved as we drove.

Summer plans

In summer wherever you go has beauty but my family and I are planning to go to my village named Plomari. We will stay there for a week and after we will come back to Mytilene.

Also, my aunt is coming here for a week and we are going to visit the beautiful village of Eressos and stay there for three days. When my aunt leaves I will go with my family and my friends to Sigri and we will stay there for two days

Finally, in August, I might go with my sister to my village Kalamata but this is not sure. I hope that I will though!

A story for a new English magazine

Tom got off the train and as the train left he realised he was holding the wrong suitcase. When Tom took the train for a long journey to the edge of his country, he had prepared the things he needed and boarded but when he got on the train he realized that the suitcase he was holding was not his and it was someone else’s train but it had started and Tom couldn’t stop, but he thought to look for it, but he realized that besides his own wagon, there are others that weren’t in them. other people, so he could never find his suitcase, of course, he couldn’t stay without it since inside he had all his stuff. when the train arrived and everyone went outside he tried to see who was holding his suitcase, fortunately, his cell phone was not lost since he had it in his pocket. as he was moving on he was frustrated, but suddenly his cell phone began to vibrate. This surprised him when he picked up and heard a man talking to him and telling him that he had his suitcase and that he found his phone number because it was written on the back of the suitcase. so these two met exchanged suitcases and continued their happy and careful journey.

My lasy weekend in Eresos

Hi, my E friend,

I am sending you this email to tell you what I did last weekend. On Saturday morning we woke up. My family and I ate breakfast and went for the trip to Eresos and swam in the sea. In the afternoon my sister, my cousins and I played ball and policemen and robbers. At night we ate at a restaurant and slept after an hour. On Sunday we woke up at nine o’clock and played with my sister. In the afternoon we returned to Mytilene. I am waiting your letter for you to say how are you!!!!

KEDU English School