Volcano !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day I went to explor a volcano with my parents because I love andventures and excursion . When  we reached our destination we slowy started to climd up the volcano . Suddenly half way up we heard a strange noise . We looked up and saw  smoke  coming out of the volcano and felt a tremble . The sky became black and we started running down the volcano scared and shouting for help . When we got down from the volcano we looked back and saw lava coming out .  We  quicky got in our car . We felt extremely relieved as we drove away .

An adventure on the volcano😁

One day my parents and I saw a big volcano. I was very excited and happy. My dad was happy, and my mum was very scared.

When we got to the volcano, my mum was exhausted but my dad and I were very excited and a little tired. We saw smoke coming out of the volcano.                                                                         Saddenly my mum saw lava coming to us. We ran quickly and my dad saw our car. We got in our car, I saw the lava out of the window but my dad driving very fast.

My parents and I were very scared,  when we saw the lava  coming to us. We felt extremely relieved as we drove away.


                                                                              Arhontia Doukarelli    😊😉

A travel to a volcano

My family and I travelled to Santorini. We climbed a big volcano. It’s so beautiful. Santorini has many volcanos. It took a long time to climb up the volcano. We saw many colour full rocks, some little birds and tall trees.

While we were climbing we heard a noise from the volcano. It started to erupt, and we felt very scared. We started to run down the mountain to the car.

We went to the car and we felt happy and scared. We felt extremely relieved when we drove away.

By the way….. I couldn’t see a volcano. This was my dream!