a story

Finding a scarf on the beach

One day Peter and Jane took their dog for a walk.It was really windy. Their dog saw something in the sand. It was a scarf. They thought that someone lost it. When they saw a little girl crying. They ran and gave her the scarf.

Roller skating in the supermarket

It was a sunny day and when Jack, Zoe and their mother went to the supermarket. They saw a boy roller skating.He was following them. When he hurt Jack and then Jack’s mother was shouting at him.

Claras family

One day Clara said to her parents to go to mall for her to got a new dress. On the mall she so a dress and she like so much so they got it. After this they went and eat to a restaurant.

The story with pirates

Two pirates have a map and a ship. They find an island and they are happy because they find a treasure.
It is night and the pirates are slepping. A rabbit steals the pirates treausure.
In the morning the pirates wake up and the pirates can’t see the treausure.
After that the pirates find the rabbit they are not happy because the rabbit puts carrots in the box and the rabbit is throwing the gold treausure in the water.

The pirates

Two pirates found a treasure on a island with their map. At night they went for sleeping and a rabbit took the box with the treasure. At morning the pirates woke up and they were looking for the treasure. They didn’t see the rabbit running behind them. At the end the pirates found the rabbit with the box  full of carrots. The rabbit through the treasure in the sea because wanted the box for the carrots.

The wrong suitcase

Tom got off the train and as the train left, he realized he was holding the wrong suitcase. Shocked, he shouted to the driver to stop the train but it was too late. The train had left from the dock. So he was waiting for the next train.

When Tom arrived at his destination sadly he took the road to his home. While he was walking, he was curious to see what had the suitcase inside. He sat down on a bench, he opened it and what he saw there? The suitcase was full of syringes and some tools that looked like knives.

Terrified, he tried to call the police but when he opened his phone, another number was calling him. Then he noticed that the number on the phone was the same as the number on the suitcase’s tag. He didn’t know what he had to do.

Then he decided to pick up the phone. The man explained to him that the suitcase was his and that he was a surgeon so all the items in the suitcase were tools for his job. Relieved, he told him that he was in the park and that he could come to change their suitcase.

Strange Visitor

One typical day, that I was at home, a strange visitor appeared. He was tall and skinny, midlaged and dressed in black, with a black ,big hat. He knocked the door and he told me that he was 2020 and he had come because he want tell me for 2021.

He said:  ‘I know that 2020 with the covid -19 was a very difficult year . Nevertheless, 2021 will be hard at the beginning but the conditions will improve in the middle of the year when the vaccine circulates all around the world. All the problems of 2020 were caused from global warming, wars, bad use of technology, economic crisis and a lot of other causes. Now I will leave and I hope that people will stop abusing the earth .

At the end, I felt relieved  after this sudden visit and filled with hope that the 2021 will be improved and the pandemic of covid- 19 will be treated.

LMWM Challenge: A story about one of my days

One day I went on a walk with a friend. Both of us like to listen to music and sometimes to sing the lyrics. We were heading to High street, to meet with some other friends.


Then as we were walking, we were listening to a song by Plo G, and it was the part that I knew the lyrics and I started singing. As soon as I started saying the lyrics I saw the one and only Polo G. He was looking at me weirdly, and when my line ended, my friend and I went towards him to take a picture. Then he said to me “you sing very nice kid! So, you like my music, right?” and I said, “yes” to him.


After our conversion, he recommended I went with him to his studio. He wanted me there to record and see how my voice is on the mic, for a remix or a song. When he said that, my heart started beating fast with excitement and because I was anxious and I asked my friend to pinch me to see if this was actually real. After that he told me to say a couple of lines for a  remix and some more for a song to see if my voice fits nicely to the whole song.


If you’re expecting this story to end with… “then I woke up”, you’re going to be disappointed because it actually happened. This is the part when I left the studio and I headed to my home with my friend, and before leaving Plo informed me that he will call me when he decides if I’m right for the job. So if you hear of a famous singer Stratos K, it’s me!

A strange experience

I dropped my suitcase on the floor of my hotel room sighed with relief. Out, the sun was sunning and the weather was wonderful for going with my friend a walk in the city but the travel was so tired so we decided to take a nap.

Suddenly I felt a shake and then I saw the light bulb move back and forth. I shouted to my friend “let’s go quickly under the table”, a small desk in the room. When the earthquake was over we went down from the emergency exit to the reception of the hotel and there they called us to evacuate the building. Unfortunately a few minutes ago the inform us that the building was unsuitable to stay because there was a rift on the second floor. So I and my friend did not know where to stay after this incident since we had left our suitcases and money in the room.

Luckily another hotel gave us rooms for free for one night and so the next day they gave us our suitcases and we took the plane back. It was a so strange experience that I will remember forever.


Once upon a time, a group of three friends went on a camping trip to a forest. A girl named Coraline decided they had to sleep there because the forest was so dark, the others said that there was no problem because it was going to be darker and scarier if they slept there. Coraline started to argue with them and then they agreed to sleep in the forest. At about 03:15 am the two girls of the group named Kate and Sara woke up at a girl singing, they saw that Coraline was not there, the voice was coming from the dark forest. She followed the voice and she saw Coraline singing and looking at nothing….then she turned to look at Kate that was the first girl that didn’t want to stay in the forest with a scary look and said ”Look she didn’t want us to stay here, she didn’t want me to see you” and then looked back where she was first looking and kept singing. Kate was scared of Coraline’s look and of what she said and started running back with Sara to the tent and tried to find their phones to call the police. They were shocked when they heard the singing out of the tent. Coraline said ”here there are ” and got in the tent and again with a creepy look, looked at them and said ”What are you girls doing come with me, come to meet my friend”. The girls asked her which friend and she got out of the tent and started crying and saying, ”come, she is going to kill me, come please…come” then she got a rock and started hitting her head as hard as she could while singing the same song. The girls started screaming, Coraline looked at the girls that were screaming and running and said ”she is going to be with you forever, u didn’t meet her…” and then died. Her friends after that day every night at 03:14 am hear the same song…

The donkey and the café

It was a sunny day when I was walking with my friend along the Seine River looking for a café while we were on holiday in Paris.

After a while we went and sat in a wonderful café in Paris. While we were ordering, to try the traditional french breakfast, croissant and crepes, we heard a strange noise, like a donkey. But where would to find a donkey in France and specifically in the center of Paris. So we continued to eat our breakfast undisturbed, but the noisy was getting closer and closer.

Suddenly from the depths of the road, a donkey appeared, running very fast towards us, as if someone was chasing it. Terrified we looked at the animal getting closer and closer to us. Luckily the donkey overtook us but entered the café and hit the waiters, broke the tables and caused a lot of damages.

We were very lucky that the donkey didn’t hit us but unfortunately for the owner of the café, that the animal was like a bull in a Chine store. This experience was so unpredictable that I will remember it forever.

KEDU English School