a story

christofer columbus

Author: Marion Dene Bauer

This story is about Christofer Columbus’ life

New Words: biography, dream, world
Favourite part of the book:
His dream had brought him to a new land, the Americas.
I give this book ⭐️⭐️

Chistopher Columbus

Author: Marian Dane Bower

The book is about Christopher Columbus who dreamed of  advreture discovery. 

New Words: land, ground,plum
Favourite part of the book:
My favourite part is Columbus never knem that hi drem had brought him to a new land the Americas.
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The unlucky explore

One day 2 friends go to explore a cave. When they get in they see a bat and get scared. Also they realesed that its a bat after. Well they maybe never explore cave after that

Getting the ball back

A family is having a picnic near the sea. The weather is warm and they are happy.

The mother is reading a book under the tree and dad is sleeping next to the mother. The two children, Paul and Lily are playing with the ball and they are enjoying.

Paul is kicking the ball and the ball falls on the sea. The children can’t catch the ball. They see a man on a boat and they are shouting for help.

The man is catching the ball and he is giving the ball to the children. They are happy now.

A story

The family of  Paul and  Lily are having a picnic near the sea. Their father is sleeping under the tree and their mum is reading a book. Paul and Lily are playing with a ball. They kicked the ball in the sea. They saw a boat and said to the man to throw the ball to them. He threw it to them and they continue their game very happy.







A story

Peter and Jane was at the beach with thier dog. The dog found a green scarf.Then they tried find whose scarf was  The dog found a girl who was crying. They went next to the girl, gave her the scarf and at the end they became friends.

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Finding a scarf on the beach

One day Peter and Jane took their dog for a walk.It was really windy. Their dog saw something in the sand. It was a scarf. They thought that someone lost it. When they saw a little girl crying. They ran and gave her the scarf.

Roller skating in the supermarket

It was a sunny day and when Jack, Zoe and their mother went to the supermarket. They saw a boy roller skating.He was following them. When he hurt Jack and then Jack’s mother was shouting at him.

Claras family

One day Clara said to her parents to go to mall for her to got a new dress. On the mall she so a dress and she like so much so they got it. After this they went and eat to a restaurant.

The story with pirates

Two pirates have a map and a ship. They find an island and they are happy because they find a treasure.
It is night and the pirates are slepping. A rabbit steals the pirates treausure.
In the morning the pirates wake up and the pirates can’t see the treausure.
After that the pirates find the rabbit they are not happy because the rabbit puts carrots in the box and the rabbit is throwing the gold treausure in the water.

The pirates

Two pirates found a treasure on a island with their map. At night they went for sleeping and a rabbit took the box with the treasure. At morning the pirates woke up and they were looking for the treasure. They didn’t see the rabbit running behind them. At the end the pirates found the rabbit with the box  full of carrots. The rabbit through the treasure in the sea because wanted the box for the carrots.

The wrong suitcase

Tom got off the train and as the train left, he realized he was holding the wrong suitcase. Shocked, he shouted to the driver to stop the train but it was too late. The train had left from the dock. So he was waiting for the next train.

When Tom arrived at his destination sadly he took the road to his home. While he was walking, he was curious to see what had the suitcase inside. He sat down on a bench, he opened it and what he saw there? The suitcase was full of syringes and some tools that looked like knives.

Terrified, he tried to call the police but when he opened his phone, another number was calling him. Then he noticed that the number on the phone was the same as the number on the suitcase’s tag. He didn’t know what he had to do.

Then he decided to pick up the phone. The man explained to him that the suitcase was his and that he was a surgeon so all the items in the suitcase were tools for his job. Relieved, he told him that he was in the park and that he could come to change their suitcase.



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