a special place

What Lesvos means to me

Even though Mytilene wasn’t the place I was born, it means so much to me. Here was my first time I went to school and made friends. Here was the first time I hang out only with my friends without parents. Here was the first I went to  a club and stay out till midnight. Mytilene was the place that I made my first memories that I still remember. Although, the most important place in Lesvos for me is my village, Vatera. I used to go there since I was 2. There I made the best memories of my whole life. Me and friends, when we were little, we took our bikes and explore the whole village together everyday. I always had an amazing time there and I think that explains why it’s my favourite place in Lesvos.

A special place for me

Hey Sam,


It’s my pleasure to help you. A special place for me is where scouts gather, it’s a near the docks or you can say next to the football field.


When you approach it, it looks like a small wooden cabin and a white container near ACS, surrounded by some green aluminium fences.


For me it doesn’t look like this, its two buildings fool of memories that will keep creating new ones. It’s a place that I can say that my life began. The reason that I’m saying that is because this place is where I met and made my best friends if I hadn’t decided to go to scouts I wouldn’t have met them and my life would have been a lot different without them right now.


With friendly love,