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Super Herors !


My favourite Super Hero is VIOLETA.

She has got straight blue hair, she can become invisible and she can make shields. Her parent’s names are Bob and Helen.

And her brother’s names are Dash and Gak Gak. VIOLETA is very beautiful and clever.

My favourite film

My favourite film is the Addams family. The film was made in 1991. My favourite character is Wednesday Addams. She is the youngest daughter  of the family. She always wears a black dress , a white shirt and has long French braids. She is funny,spooky and very smart. The film has humor and that’s why its my favorite.


My favourite superhero

My favourite superhero is Capten America.

Capten America is a brave handsome superhero and he fights with the Avengers. Capten America is my favourite superhero because he fights in wars ,he always wins the enemies. My favourite part is with Capten America is when he fights in endgame war with his thunder.

Capten America dies in the end of the endgame avengers movie and gives his shield to the Falcon.

Capten America can fight very well and he is the first of the Avengers. Capten America takes part in all of the wars and saves a lot of peoples from the enemies!!


Avengers and infinity war

I had seen Avengers and infinity war before 2 days. The movie was about Avengers who get help from all other superheroes to kill Thanos who create an army of monsters to kill Avengers. Thor makes a new rub and goes to fight with the superheroes of the galaxy. Thor kills a lot of monsters with his thunder but Thanos gets all the magic stones and goes away with the stone of the time. In the end a lot of superheroes die because Thanos gets all the magic stones. The movie is wonderful because it has special effects!!!