a magic afternoon

My superhero

My superhero is flying unicorn.Is Very very good, beautiful and fast.Is white.The pony tail is golden and has got ornaments.Is wonderful.And has got a little sister.The it’s sister is flying unicorn and pink and  pony tail is pink.Is beautiful and very good and fast.🦄

A magic afternoon

Yesterday in the afternoon at 6 o’ clock we went down to Eresos beach for a swim.

I swam with my sister and my mother and played with a ball.

At 7 o’ clock my cousins came. My cousins and I played rackets and football.
After an hour we saw the beautiful orange sun setting down over the mountains.
I quickly took a photo and then I admired the beautiful sunset.
My cousins said to me “This is so wonderful’.
I will remember this magic afternoon in my whole life.