a letter to Santa Claus

A letter to santa claus

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been a good person this year. I have gotten good marks in school and I have tried my best so I would really appreciate getting a good gift this year. The gift I want is a Playmobil castle.I am sending you this letter now so you have plenty of time to get my present ready. Please don’t forget your covid shot so that you don’t get sick.


Thank you for your time.

Aristidis @@@@@.

A letter to Santa!!

Dear Santa

I’m Victoria and I live in Greece .This Christmas are very different because we have Covid 19 but I hope you will bring me my present. For this Chrisymas I want you to bring me a book because I have read all my books and a cover for my Ipad who is 10.2 inches.

Mery Christmas and a happy new year!!!



A letter to Santa Claus

Dear  Santa Claus

I am Johnny and I live with my family in Mitiline, an island of Greece. I will make for you, your favourite cookies and I will put a glass of milk by the fireplace ready for you. This year I want a computer and five books for my sister. I love you Santa and I am looking forward to your visit.


Johnny L.🤓






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