favourite sport.

My favourite sport is volleyball. This sport is played by both girls and boys. I also go and I am in a team. Volleyball is played with one ball more than two people. Volleyball is a lot of fun for anyone who likes it. I thing it is a very nice sport and I advise anyone who wants to go.

Rainbowball sport

Hi I’m Maritina

My favourite sport is rainbowball. We play it outdoors on the beach. We play it with 10 players in each team. We use a ball with many colours. We throw the ball with our hands. The ball mustn’t fall in the water. The team loses when the ball falls in the water. When the ball hits the face of players the team loses.

My favourite sport

My favourite sport is basketball.There are five players in a basketball team.We can play basketball with a special ball and a basket.I can play basketball really well.Look at me!It’s sports Day and I’m playing basketball!We’re winning!Hooray!

my favourite sport

Hi my name is Nandia and my favourite sport is sailing. We go sailing in a boat which is for young sailors. I like sailing because I love the sea. The number of sailors in a race competition can be from two to twenty. Equipment in sailing  is the boat with everthing on it from the sail to the steering wheel life jackets [especially for sailing] and other things.I wear a wetsuit and a hat for the sun. The aim is to have fun and sail as best as you can.

First we start all together and there is a point where we finish. I have been sailing for 6 years. I love the smell of the sea and the fresh air.


Having hobbies is best for you. You can play football, play basketball, draw and do a lot of other things that interest you rather than lying in bed or sitting on the sofa. You get bored when you do not have anything to do.

We are all day attached to our mobile phones and computers. We check them when we eat, we scroll through social media as soon as we wake up and more. We spend our free time literally doing harm on ourselves.

By doing hobbies you can express your feelings by drawing, singing and dancing. There are hobbies like football, basketball and cycling that you can have fun, but also keep fit.

Start doing a hobby! You will never regret it. You are going to be happier, healthier and more energetic. It will change your life.




Today I am talking about my fantastic sport. Its name is Quidditch. That sport isn’t from my fantasy. Quidditch I learn it from my books(and movies) Harry Potter series. In Quidditch, everyone must have got a broomstick and ride her. In that has got 7 players: 1 seeker,3 chasers and 1 keeper. At the Hogwarts school the quidditch it isn’t gory for all kids. That has got a little ball that calls snitch(the snitch ball is the most popular ball at quidditch)the snitch is gold with little wings.





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