The diary of a Wimpy kid!!

This book is about a teenage boy named Greg,that writes all what happens every  day on his diary. All summer he wanted to enter the high school and he was so excited,but when that day came he completely changed his mind. There were the ”cool” boys that bulied him and his friend ,the ”weirdos” that wanted to be friends with Greg but he didn’t!!There were a lot of lessons that he didn’t like to learn but he had to!!!There are more adventures with his family and school but you  have to read the book to find out!!!


  1. Each player throws the dice.
  2. They start from No. 1 and each try to reach first to No. 100.
  3. If a player steps the head of a snake he must move to its tail.
  4. If a player steps the bottom of a stair he moves to the end of the stair.
  5. Enjoy

My favourite hobby

My hobby is playing video games on my PS4. This hobby is a little hard to do because there are players who are not very good but there are so many good players. The name of the game is Fall Guys and if you learn how to play it you will be a good player. This game is funny, trolling,raging and exciting to play




Ευχαριστούμε για την εμπιστοσύνη σας!

🥇Με ιδιαίτερη χαρά και περηφάνια σας ανακοινώνουμε την επιβράβευση του σχολείο μας με το ELT Excellence awards για Αριστεία στην εκπαίδευση στην κατηγορία “Καινοτομία στην διδασκαλία της γλώσσας”.  Μέσω από την φιλοσοφία μας, την εκπαιδευτική ομάδα μας αλλά και μέσω από τη συνοδευτική εκπαιδευτική πλατφόρμα μας το SPACE🚀 έχουμε καταφέρει να μεταμορφώσουμε τους μαθητές μας σε συγγραφείς και δημιουργούς που με χαρά δημοσιεύουν τα δημιουργήματα τους και πάνω από όλα να αγαπήσουν τη μάθηση της γλώσσας.

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