Global charity work and Virtual volunteering

Many people are living in difficult situations globally. More and more communities around the world have a range of problems such as poverty, unemployment and other issues that are a hardship for those people. Both of texts supporting this idea with a variety of reasons that make us to help those communities.

So the first text speaking about the help that many people need. Also implicate some ways for us to help by joining charitable organisations or raise money but the authorities are reluctant to support and because of that speaking about the volunteers that doing their upmost to help the others.On the hand the second text says that some people who wants to help but don’t have any time can help through internet platforms or writing newsletters. However the skills that a lot of people have on internet will play an significant role in order to write newsletters and donate money.

Both of texts are right about the results and the consequences that can bear some help from all of us to the communities that living in hard conditions. For instance if people raise money or write encouraging posts or articles for the helpless, poor or people that accept racism will all contribute and change our culture in the future. This idea assisting the second text but a familiar believe assisting and the first text. It says that the volunteer’s work is worthwhile and not giving up despite the difficulties.

In my point of view all the ideas are right and paramount. I would like rather if people would starting thinking reasonable and give a boost for this struggle and contribute to make our cultures or mindset better.


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