Strange Visitor

One typical day, that I was at home, a strange visitor appeared. He was tall and skinny, midlaged and dressed in black, with a black ,big hat. He knocked the door and he told me that he was 2020 and he had come because he want tell me for 2021.

He said:  ‘I know that 2020 with the covid -19 was a very difficult year . Nevertheless, 2021 will be hard at the beginning but the conditions will improve in the middle of the year when the vaccine circulates all around the world. All the problems of 2020 were caused from global warming, wars, bad use of technology, economic crisis and a lot of other causes. Now I will leave and I hope that people will stop abusing the earth .

At the end, I felt relieved  after this sudden visit and filled with hope that the 2021 will be improved and the pandemic of covid- 19 will be treated.

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