Story time.


Author: Me,my friendes and one youtuber.

A thousand years ago some peapols protect a magic book and your name is story time.After book fall at the wrong   hands the world destroy becose the book is create by dark magik ,the big wizards cant’t  destroy the magic book ,fall at fire,fall at ice,fall atwater,fall at sneeke’smouth he cant’ destroy the magik book and a dark gost named Tiko

He wants to take the book in his possession but he could not because the great magicians tore him to pieces and threw him in the dimension of the dark book where he found the power of the dark virus that possessed people. So he transformed Christina, Rafarios, and you of

New Words: story,time
Favourite part of the book:
Next Tiko with Christina Ekou ,Rafario GAmer ,and Stas and the book it’s now at the wrong heads.The power of the book at the wrong heads becaume dangarus becose Tiko and your team with this book can destroy the earth,universe,sun,moon,Aphrodite,Herm,aPolonier agod with so big powers and after this remade another world.Tolis a eleventh years ago kid have got mum Christina Ekou but Tolis becaume a famous youtuber and made cool gamiing videos and videos.One day Tolis find the magik book and with your friends,John,Herm,Famous Theodori,Filip,Jim and another made abig team to protect the warld and the book.This is the real adventure the power it’s now at your heads boy or girl you can protect the book and save the world for tiko and the dark virus and a big battle it’s now at a another universe named vestroia.Lets go and destroy tiko and the virus!Your favourite part:MY favourite part it’s Tolis find the book.Do you recomended this book: recommend this book because it was enjoyable. I think you should read this book because i liked the story.The picture it’s Tiko.

I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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