Story time 3:rise of maximus.

After find the treasure we becaume rish and we have got a lot of money.But the battle is not end.Go second time on vestroia and find a cave,oh no is a casstle.At this castle find maximus an armored allien kid with a big armor(red armor,green sword and a golden hat with fire and a dragin with green wings).But Christina a warier of Tiko battle with maximus and lose.Go at the arena and find tiko.Tat’s the final battle with tiko.And after lose the earth destroy.Maximus called at me the story of vestroia.A long time ago at the anciect vestroia tiko have got an idia.Tiko was to protect vestroia and is good.But Tiko bellieve the battle at your planet killed the monsters.And create a power,and for this power create a virus…


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