Story time 2.Kedu Ultimate writing challenge.

We were staring at the board when we heard a noise. When the bell rang we found a treasure map. The treasure map it’s so dirty and right:I am tiko,go to my planet and find the secret treasure.But how is tiko this is a another story!The next day me with my friends  go to athens at the house of the famous youtuber toli.What is this treasure map?I question toli.This map is a page of the magic book .Next with the map go to vestroia the planet  of the treasure.First goes to pyrule the home of fire.Pyrule is big with volcanos and fires.Here find another page of the book  and right:help I am tiko I protect my world but the virus have got…the virus…help!!!!!!…the virus it is on me annddddddddddddddddd…help please help!What I say tiko is bad or good?Next battles a monster of fire and wins,wins!After that battle on pyrule go to ventopia home of wind.At ventopia all is deferent,have got big winds,rains and snowing all the time because it’s the home of winds and sometimes the winds becaume bad because angry. Here battle another monster, a monster of wind and snow.Next goes to aquaria home of. Water.The aquaria it’s a city in sea.Me with my friends can’t breath in the water .After go back to the wind  battles a monster of water and win but this time the ocean monster eats Herm.At the end saves herm and go to a new home darkavia home of the darkness.At darkavia all is dark and I don’t watch never.Here have got another map rights:I am tiko please help!HHHHHHHelp!I am not bad I am good…help.At  darkavia battles a dark monster .This monster is a dragon adragon of dark fire.Me I destroy the dragon and next go to chaora home of light a city on the sky.! We did not fight any monsters there but we had to jump from one house to another.This  time theodori go to a house with a monster,this monster is good but protect a core of energy this core have got energy of all the cores and her name is perfect core or perfect core cell.We win at this challenge but samthing happened and goes to a city of anciect greeks.It’s something like a time mechanism but  it’s not only this.Me with my friends all is nine years old here becaume four years old and theodori becaume a hundred years old.Here is a forest,I think this is a another challenge of this planet but is not another challenge.Suddenly you see in front of us a monster,a golden monster,with four wings,six horns and around it a black fog that was the dark virus and the monster is tiko.Tiko sayd:I will destroy the world and make another with the power of the cores and the stronger core of all is the perfect core cell,next destroy my best enemy maximus a people with a red armor and power of fire.Me with my friends win tiko and go to subterian  home of earth and stones.Here battles a monster of stones and a stone boy and goes to the last city is this city,is auratopia home of golden  diamond, emerald and money.Here battles a golden monster at the arena of gold,win and next goes to the labyrinth to find the treasure.Here is a real labyrinth afte very work and very battles go to a cave to find the treasure.This cave have got powers of all elemental homes.Here battles a monster,find a core and at the end find the treasure with very oney and golden but tiko with the virus alive,this is a another story with the magic book,but the kids have got so money and with this destroy tiko at the next battle.The end!!!!!!!At this picture is chaora home of light.

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