StandStill2021 Mission!!!

My choice of photos

1st prize:

2nd prize:

3rd prize:

Entry summary:

1st photo: In this photo, we can see a baby who is trying to touch his grandma, from the other side, but there is a glass between them. It’s evident that this photo is referring to the pandemic due to covid-19 and to the lockdown. During the lockdown, we couldn’t see anyone because we were obliged to stay inside. When we were inside, because we were obliged, we didn’t feel free and as we all know the freedom goes hand in hand with happiness. That’s why the baby and the grandma in this photo are sad…
2nd photo: In this photo, we can see a dad making bread with his little boy. In this photo, the action that they are doing isn’t that important. The thought behind the action is what counts… The lockdown was, of course, difficult for everyone but if we think a little bit more about it, it was also a chance to spend some creative time with our family. This may be difficult for some children to happen before the lockdown because the parents were at work.
3rd photo: In this photo, we can see a catholic church and a priest but the difference in this photo is that the church is empty. There are no people, just the pictures of different people. During the lockdown, we couldn’t go to church. But although, I think that we have to go to the church because it’s very important in our life.

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