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Coronavirus disease was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan in China and till March 2020took dimensions of a pandemic with millions of cases and many deaths all over the world. The virus spreads through the air and the contamination of people is very high. Such as preventing, wearing a face mask, washing hands, self-isolation if there are symptoms of the disease.

Stay home, stay safe and protect others. The spread of Coronavirus is limited by social distancing and being at home. So people work, teach, get educated, shop, amuse themselves, communicate, exercise at home. This is “Antivirus”

But there are some people who can’t stay at home because their job is very important. They are the health care workers and these are the superheroes of our age. They help people recovering but at the same time, they get risks for themselves and their families. Many of them have lost their lives fighting against COVID-19

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  • Great work Apostoli mou !! Unfortunately this Pandemic has changed our lives ..!! We must learn not to take things for granted..!! 🥰

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