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1st prize:I choose this photo because of COVID-19 some parents can’t see their children. A daughter can’t see her father because he is in the hospital. She can only see him from a glass. They are talking from a device. They talk each other by glass. Doctors don’t allow to her to go to his room, hug him and talk with him normally. This is that hurt the most.
2nd prize :A grandma and a little boy are two people that show us we have to stay safe. They miss each other so much but they can’t be together. A grandma is kissing the boy’s hand from glass. The grandma for sure wants ro hug the boy and stau with him. They may have fun together. The grandma has COVID-19 and she has to stay away from her grandson.
3rd prize:This photo means so much. The care workers are doing an amazing job. This is the truth. A girl who cares for an elderly man, Jack, is an important person in the world. She isn’t famous or celebrity, she isn’t president but she is a compassionate person. With the lock down there can’t be family visits so the only visit Jack had was from her. This was that makes him happy.

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  • Alexandra it’s so sad that we can’t be with our loved ones because of the Pandemic..!! We need to be positive that eventually this Pandemic will be something from the past …

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