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I chose this photo because during the coronavirus days I miss my grandparents, their warm hug, and their affection. I miss the smile that they had every time I visited them as well as their delicious foods. These difficult days I am very sad that I am away from them because, before the quarantine, I had them like a second family and I miss them a lot. Αnd these days we call them to tell our news. But it isn’t the same, it never was and never will be. So I waited for the day when I will be able to hug them and everything will be as before.
I chose this photo because, in all these difficult days, I feel sorry for the elderly people who spend the last years of their lives locked inside the house without having the freedom to go where they want. They feel imprisoned and alone without any company. And this happens because many people don’t feel them, don’t understand them, and circulate normally during these days, transmitting the virus to the elderly and putting them at risk. And that’s why I ask all people to feel these poor people who are spending their last years unhappy and scared.
I chose this photo because, I want to give a big ”thank you” to our heroes, to the nurses, who are making superhuman efforts to save people from this deadly virus. They spend whole days in the hospitals away from their families, putting the salvation of the people above their health. And even though they see so many unhappy things with their eyes, they are smiling because they know that they are helping to save a human. Again, they deserve something more than a ”thank you” for the battle that they give every day with the coronavirus.


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