“Sonic The Hedgehog”

“Sonic The Hedgehog”

Sonic The Hedgehog is an adventurous and impressive movie directed by Jeff Fowler. Sonic’s voice is Ben Schwartz’s voice and Dr. Robotnik’s voice is Jim Carrey’s voice. This movie is based on the global blockbuster from Sega in which stars Sonic, a little blue creature which has the best speed abilities ever.

This movie’s about Sonic the hedgehog, the world’s speediest living creature which lives in a world hidden. In this movie, Sonic decides to visit the planet earth and see what it looks like. There he makes a new human friend Tony with whom he tries to defend the evil and stop cunning Dr. Robotnik, who wants to use Sonic’s power for his plan about world domination. At the same time, Sonic wants to fulfill himself by doing different things and by visiting new places.

Sonic the hedgehog is a very appealing movie because of its visual effects and its music. Many companies worked together very hard to make everything look real and especially to make Sonic, the main character of the movie, look realistic and humanoid. That’s why the results are fascinating and really impressive.  Additionally, the production has chosen the best, I think, song which matches the theme of the movie for sure making everything even better!

Sonic the hedgehog is a worldly accepted, entertaining movie you can all watch with your families because it addresses every age and every style!

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