Solution to the problem of homeless

Homelessness is a widespread issue and problem in our days. As instead of decreasing, that increases more and more. This must stop here! Don’t you agree? If we do an effort, we can reduce the number of those people.

One way of solving the problem is to donate money to charities. For instance, the funds used to open more homeless shelters. As a result, homeless people will have a safe and caring place to go.

Secondly, we can help by offering hospital but and generally care. To give an example, making groups of volunteer doctors and entertainers. Consequently, those people will have better

mental and physical health. Because this situation has also a negative effect on their soul.

Lastly, to deal with clothing in. For example, we can collect our clothes and giving them to each homeless people we find in our away or to a homeless shelter. Byt don’t forget doing it in a discreet way. We don’t want to make them feel embarrassed. By doing this,  we will make those people feel better, as they will have warm and clean clothes.

To sum up, everyone must do an effort to help this situation. Each act counts. And I hope that in this way more people will have a better life soon.

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