Social media: Which is their impact on the child?

In recent years, there is a frequent increase in allowing young children to have their own profile on social media, as technology advances. Consequently, there is a plan in which young children as 11 years old can use a popular social media application that is only available to local residents. However, which is the impact or the dangers behind this decision?

 It is apparent that social media can have beneficial effects on children and generally on society. An author once said that << Social media is vital to children’s and teenager’s social and creative lives>>. In other words, it is an important source of knowledge in everyday life and if children use it properly, it will help them at a variety of things, such as their school presentations and for their entertainment. Also, it is a means of communication that reduces distances and brings people closer.

However, without a doubt, social media produces many good things but also they have a negative effect on children and teens. Take an example of a recent report which appears the sentimental situation of a child. Mostly, the majority of teens have shown that they feel pressured by their peers and as a result, feel overwhelmed and push to get virtual likes or look popular. Taking all these, social media have a negative impact on the children’s lives, that will create phycology and health problems.

 All things considered, social media may be useful and facilitate everyday needs, but the users should have them under control and self-awareness. To my mind, I am not convinced of this decision to let young children have their own account because they are not ready to cope with the consequences of social media, such as the feeling of achievement to be popular and having likes.

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