Slumdog Millionaire

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Vikas Swarup.

What is this book about?
This book is about a young man named Jamal Malik, a poor orphan who took part in a TV-show. Actually this was a TV game named “who wants to be a Millionaire ?” and Jamal managed to answer all the questions correctly and won the best price of the game, which was a million rupees.
But how did he know the answers, while he had been a poor boy without any knowledge and degrees ?. While we read the book we see how difficult was for Jamal to surprise in the slum of Mumbai and Delhi, without parents, having only his brother and Latika, his true love. The reason he participated to the TV quiz was not for the money. It was for taking back Latika.

My Favourite part

How many stars?
I give this book 5 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
I re commend this book because it’s a really good story, touching, full of emotions.

The end!

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