In my country, it is not common for students to wear a uniform at a public school. On the other hand in all the private school’s students must wear a uniform, which represents each school. These schools have a uniform for every season and also have different uniforms for gymnastics and sports activities.

Sometimes it is good to wear a uniform at school because you do not have to waste time choosing what to wear early in the morning. So in a few minutes, you can get ready to catch the school bus. Moreover, the most important thing in wearing a school uniform, is that all students are the same and equal, no matter if their parents have enough money to get the new and trendy clothes. So, nobody would feel uncomfortable wearing something that would be really boring, because everyone should have the opportunity to show their personality. It’s important for young people to get dressed in the way they like. This means that we are all unique and need to express our views and benefits in the way we dress and behave. Humans are not robots and should be free in every way in each community.

In my aspect, I could consider it acceptable to wear a uniform at school in order to avoid the hassle of picking out what to wear every day. But, it would be a problem to wear a school uniform that I would not approve of. Therefore, the best option for all would be to feel free to launch your personal style.