Should we use CCTV cameras in public places?

It is evident that if you enter places such as malls, banks, supermarkets and airports, you would see a network of cameras. However, surveillance cameras have become more common in other public places like roads and parks because of the increasing  crime rate. But if you were to choose between more security and a lot less privacy, what would you choose?

In general, surveillance cameras provide security for the whole community. In this way, a recent study has shown that criminal activity in parking garages have been reduced to 37%, as in residential areas and in downtown areas which have been reduced due to the installation of CCTV security cameras. Similarly, if someone has installed CCTV cameras throughout his house, he would feel safer. Because in the case of robbery their property would be found more easily because the burglars might get  caught on film. Therefore, there should be security cameras in common places like railway stations where there are robbers as pickpockets, as a result of the protection of the public. 


On the other hand, concerts about people’s rights have been voiced. As a general rule a common expression we hear often is, << under observation we act less free, which means, effectively, we are less free>>. Without a doubt, criminal activity has been somewhat reduced because of  security cameras but at this time there is not much left in terms of privacy. Likewise, people have started to feel fear, in the fact that they do not know who uses the material and how they store it. In this way, people react in this statement of the use of CCTV security cameras.

To conclude, clearly there is a disagreement between the question if  we should use CCTV cameras in public places. These opposing opinions of security or less privacy are acceptable and understandable. However, when you are in public space you are in the eye of the public, so what is the difference in being watched by a closed-circuit camera? In my opinion I believe that public places should be watched by security cameras in order to help the police when their investigations justify the need for surveillance cameras.

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