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Teenagers like to change their outfit all the time. As a teenager I can tell you that we “need”bunch of shops to find perfect clothes.Where I live there are not many shops for teenagers, but there is one that everybody loves.Tally Weijl is one of the most famous shops in Mytilene.

The shop is in the perfect position, in the middle of our shopping market.It is a smail but unique shop.It has been decorated with modern but simple pieces.There are also lots of mirrors all over the walls.Everywhere you turn you can see colurful walls, espesially pink, and costumers smiling.

But my favourite thing about Tally Weijl is it’s clothes.Every single piece in the shop is just incredable.All the clothing is shimped from Athens that is simped from America.You can find literally every piece of clothing you can think of, shirts, T-shirts, trousers and more.Another thing about their clothing is that it can be adjusted for every style.

Lastly the shop assistans are wonderful.They are always there to help you with a big smile on. Despite all the question that they are being asked , they are cheerful and there to help you.

Those are some of many reasons that I love this place. I  would definetly reccomend it for everyone, especially teenage girls.If you ever find yourself in Mytilene you should go visit.I am sure you will walk out with your hands full of bags.

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