Shopping day

When I realized that my bag was missing. I began to panic. It was late in the morning, after I had enjoyed my cosy drink with my friends in our favoured cafe, we went and shopping. And there was where all happened.
We got into a shop for clothes and we looked around for special offers and fantasy clothes. Later on, a wonderful mini, black dress caught my eye. I left my bag on the counter with the rest of the clothes and I grabbed the dress. I was mirroring while at the same my friends were telling me their opinions.
Then, I turned my back and seeing that my bag was missing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I left it just for a few minutes behind my back while my friends were around and nobody perceived nothing. At that moment, we asked for help from the store staff but they couldn’t do anything. So we went to the police station where we reported the theft.
That day, was extremely tired, disappointed and busy. But believe it or not, I found the bag empty thrown on a bench. The good news was that my identity card was inside, in the interior zipper.

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