Self-awareness is a really complicated issue to be explained. Generally, it is a skill which many may have to evaluate advantages and disadvantages about themselves. However, some people believe it as an ability to control our inner world and others as the difference between how we see ourselves and how other people see it. For instance, it has concluded how clear we can understand our values, our passions, our goals, our reactions, our thoughts, our feelings, and our impact on others. On the contrary, it is negatively connected with anxiety, stress, and depression.

Also, there are ways in which self-awareness can be improved. Take the example of meditation. It is an exercise that helps to be more aware of the inner world of thoughts. Another way is by asking a friend. A close friend sometimes knows our personality better than us because we take it for granted, and especially, he will present our defects. This can sometimes reveal specific patterns in ourselves that are easier to see from the outside. Friends are especially good at evaluating our extroversion.


Can we ever fully know ourselves? This question is difficult to answer. We are all complex beings and it is impossible to fully know ourselves. However is worthwhile just to try to discover a part of yourself each day.

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