See Think Wonder routine

We use this routine to involve everybody in learning. We don’t wait for the teacher to ask us questions while the other students get bored. This way we have mixed ability groups where everybody helps everybody and we communicate with all our classmates.

Active learning classrooms are more engaging and more interesting. We can use visible thinking routines to help us work together and share our findings. This way students can construct meaning from what they are doing and not get it from the teacher.

Yes, it does require the use of technology but not always! For this routine, you can project the instructions on the white board and print and laminate the photos you want to work with. For instance you could use the topic vocabulary from class to find real and engaging photos to use with your students.

We are a team!

Together we will have fun and learn to love learning! We learn to ask questions and to make mistakes. By making mistakes we learn more!

Let's breakout!

Rules of our breakout rooms


In breakout rooms, we speak English! There is no other rule more important than this!

We love making mistakes! Everyone makes mistakes (yes, and Mr Mike!) so no one will laugh at you!

Everyone gets a turn speaking.

In our breakout rooms, we try to talk about what we have to do! We speak English, even if it means to speak only a little.

We are all learners and no one is perfect! We are here to learn and speak English.

There are 3 steps to this routine


You will be placed in breakout rooms!

I am going to give each group a photo. In groups, you will discuss what you can see. People, animals, building, rooms, things and objects,


You will be placed in breakout rooms!

Here you will discuss what is happening in the picture. We will use the present continuous here. The girl is sitting under a tree. The man is talking to a girl. The boy is playing with a ball.


What are you wondering?

You will be placed in breakout rooms!

Here we have to make questions about what we could ask to learn about. We can use the 5W’s to ask our questions.

I wonder why they are in the library?

I wonder what the boy is looking at?

I wonder how they got to that place?



Ευχαριστούμε για την εμπιστοσύνη σας!

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