Scary weather

One day me, my brother, my sister and my parents decided to go on a road trip to Albania. In the beginning the weather was amazing it was really sunny with the breeze hitting our faces.

As soon as we arrived to Albania it was really cold and it was getting really dark. We got out of the car and went in a nearby restaurant to eat.

When we got out of the restaurant it already had started snowing. We got really happy cause it was one of the first times saw snow. We were 3 hours away from our house when it started snowing a lot.

Our car couldn’t move fast enough. The windows and the roads were filled with snow so we couldn’t see anything. We got stuck there for almost 2 hours.

Luckily we saw trucks coming to clean the roads, till then the snow had stopped. We felt extremely lucky and relieved that we got out of that situation safely.

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