Running outside the stadium during Quarantine is easy or difficult?

Hi guys! How are you? I hope you’re well!!! Today I want to talk about my running experience during this Quarantine. Well, the question “If running during Quarantine is easy or difficult?” is very difficult to be responded. And because I was thinking about the answer I wanted to tell you too the answer!!! First of all, the kids, I’m practicing with, athletics, we had to run outside because of covid-19. Many people who don’t occupied with running say that there isn’t a difference between running at the stadium and running outside because the stadium is closed because of the quarantine. Well, my answer is that the fact of running outside the stadium has some advantages and some disadvantages. Firstly, running outside the stadium helps you to see the outside world in order to differentiate from running every time at the same place. It helps you “breath new air”. But running outside can be very difficult and dangerous. You have to face the strange material of the road and you must be very careful when you run in the road because of the cars. My opinion is that many times it’s only in our mind that something is very difficult. In effect, if we try harder we can manage to do it!!!!

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