Report: Fast Pulse Gym Improvements


This report presents the issues currently affecting member retention at FastPulse Gym and to provide the reasons people stop using gym facilities. In addition, this report will also suggest some improvements to the current amenities and outline how these changes would be affected.

First of all, not many changes have taken place since it opened in 2000. As a result, the equipment is old compared to what the members ask for. Secondly, seeing that the cost of the monthly membership has not changed like our competitors, seems to affect negatively our members and take their decision to cancel their membership. Furthermore, because of the small size of our studio, we have a limited variety of fitness classes. For these reasons, many users do not sign up, opting for other solutions at bigger venues. 

While FastPulse Gym has excellent staff and a large number of members, there is still room for improvement to improve the users’ experience and to keep the member we have. In relation to sports facilities, the idea of updated exercise machines is necessary. Another option is to expand the size of the studio,  in order to offer a wider variety of classes.

In summary, this report emphasizes the importance of improving the gym facilities and how this will help member retention. As we see, the old equipment, cost of membership, and the limited variety of classes have negative effects on the users. I would strongly recommend to focus on the improvement of exercise machines and doing some changes to the studio if at all possible. The improvements suggested would offer more opportunities for the members to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and make people renew or register again.


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