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So you want to improve your English? Well, you know what you have to do. Read anything you want! Make sure you tell us, what it’s all about, and why you liked it!

We want to here your opinion. Apart from what you read, please tell us if you think this is a good source of information and why?

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Even though reviews are intended for B1+ and above levels, this section is open to all students of KEDU. We would like to read reviews which are targeting your level. 


These articles are rewarded bages only when it is necessary. Most of your reivews come under the Blog post rules (one per day)

My Article Review

My besties

Hi my name is Victoria and today I am going to talk you about my besties, by the way I have two. Her name is

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My favourite youtuber

my favourite youtuber is Its only skilz real name:George Χronis .the name its only skilz came out of one video game and is very good

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Author: Rachel Blandon Summary: This book is about a girl that lived in a small village in China, and she liked to help her parents

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