What are Quests?

A quest is a journey toward a specific goal and here at KEDU your goal is to reach your English to the highest levels of proficiency. The Houses of KEDU is built around the idea of helping you improve by you doing things to gain K.redit points. So each time you write a blog post, you help yourself and your house be in the lead and defeat the evil D’motivate and win. Quests are available for you all year round and you don’t need to ask your teacher to upload a blog. Just go start writing about your day or go to Choose your blog topics and start writing today!

Our Newspaper

In a very easy words, blog posting is the best way to gain K.redit points. You can write about anything or you can even upload what you have written in class and each time you add a new blog post not only do you achieve 500K.redits but also add a little something to your knowledge and increase your level of English. This will build upon your previous knowledge; each time you add a post you are improving. Your blog posts are your showcase, your proof of learning and you can see all of them in the My Portfolio section. Go to the My Portfolio section often and show your family how much you are trying to improve your English. How many blog posts do you have? 

Go read our blog and get inspired by others or just go write something now!

My Book Reviews

Here at KEDU, we love reading books! Real paper books are our favourite and we have a huge library for you to borrow books. We also have a large selection of digital books or loads of sites for you to watch and listen to someone read books to you. Even if you don’t know all the words, don’t worry, you can understand what’s going on from the pictures.

When you finish your book, it is a good idea to write about it and to show it off to others. You get 500 K.redit points and your book review gets showcased in your Portfolio, along with your other blog posts. If you want to go the extra mile, why don’t you consider doing a Flipgrid book review and get another 500K.redit points. The more you read the better you get at it. We are always here to help you help yourself and your house. 

Remember we need your help beat the evil D’motivate and through K.redit points we increase the power of the Gems of Knowledge to defeat him.



What are you waiting for? Go to our library here or just read a book review here and go write here.

What I Learnt Today #WILT

#WILT is a way to think about what you did in class today. By writing about it, you will remember more from your time in our class. This routine is a way for me and for yourself to see how much you understood in today’s session. Go on and just try it. Who knows, you might just like it!

Tales of KEDU

This is a story writing contest. Tales of KEDU has been set up to promote student creativity and imagination. Every mont we post a new topic and our students can either draw or write a story about that topic.

Check out our Tales of KEDU posts here: