Public protection

Nowadays the technology is developing rapidly, so fast that accomplish to create cameras. This invention is an aspect of surveillance that allows to people to prevent an accident or a crime activity.

Both of texts are in favour that cameras are at every public places to protect the public from suspicious situations for instead vandalism or theft.The first text maintains that the surveillance cameras have the benefit to record every people’s movement or suspicious situations and this material is saved. Moreover if someone do something strange or illegal the cameras will record it and he would captured on the film. Also cameras make the public feel safe and realise that the surveillance cameras keeping being active. The second text express that cameras is not in every places to invade in our personal life but to prevent a criminal activity or an accident. Furthermore there are security analytics that can raise alarms before a crime or accident even start.

These opinions are right and significant because with the camera’s valid evidences the criminals are discouraged and there is a less range of vandalism or theft.The first text is clearly saying that cameras are protecting the public from doubted behaviours and as a result a big number of the factors of these activities have stopped. Including the second text maintains that the primary of the law is the surveillance and safety of the public and this is a good start of the struggle against criminal activity.

Without a doubt the surveillance cameras making the world more safe and the public feels more comfortable but also making the public to afraid these devices. In conclusion the people are safer right now with cameras and all these security networks but the technology have to developing more and more its devises for the public to be one hundred percent safe and not afraid to walk on the streets.

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